Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year Ending

As 2009 comes to a close I am looking back over a very eventful year. My little guy has learned to walk, say his first word, learned to run, gone through being very attached to independent and so much more. As a family we have gone for a weekend away, bought a house, spent time with family and so much more. This year at times has gone slowly and other times flew by so fast my head has spun but this last evening of 2009 has allowed me to enjoy the moments. I watched my little guy colour on the floor. We had dinner together as a family with my husband and his brother. My little bath had his last bath in 2009 in which he decided to pee everywhere. What does the next year old I don't know but if it is as good as this year I am happy.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Journey.

I have a couple of different devotionals that I dip into every now and again and today I decided to dip into 'The Equestrian Devotional'.

'After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.'
1 Thessalonians 4:17

It was talking about the rapture and it being a journey of love and joy. When you think about what Jesus came to do on this earth and the journey he has had to gone to get to where he is now it really makes me realise that God can truly not ask to much of me. It made me also realise that we do not know when he is to return and so I must prepare my heart, my life and my actions so that I am ready for him to return. Am I ready to be mounted in his army on one of his white horses? I hope and pray that I am.


I have decided to kind of change they way that I use this blog. I will still continue to retell the tails of our lives and label them all life. However I am also going to start adding other types of posts such as a devotional that I am reading or some kind of thought, maybe a recipe or something. I will make sure that each post is labeled do that you can select the ones you want to read if you don't want to read them all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

103, Christmas and trains

The beginning of the week began with a very sick little boy with a runny nose and a temperature of 103 which I have to say had me really worried. It meant that my little guy was totally and completely attached to me unless he was asleep and sometimes even then. We did however manage to break the fever Christmas eve and develop a rash. But come Christmas day we were a lot more perky and love our train set for Christmas. We had great fun opening presents and then playing wit our trains. Then in the afternoon we went out to see the National Christmas tree which much to the delight of my little guy had a load of little trains running around. It was nice to get out as we have my husband's brother staying and so showing him the area has been fun. I am hoping that the rest of the week can try and head towards normal at least no more being sick and of course playing with trains is now a must!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trains, planes and WOW!

Trains and planes cause my little guy to shout WOW at the top of his voice. My little guy was throwing a huge fit the other day as I had to change his diaper in the car which as far as he is concerned is a punishment worse than death however as his head popped out from the car he yelled WOW and a load of other words that I have yet to know what they mean. With finger pointing upwards I see what the thing is that is causing all the joy and that is a plane.

Today we were watching on TV a movie and in it there was a boy who got an electric train. My little guy ran to the TV with huge WOW and other words with pointing at the train we then tried to look down the screen as the train went off camera he was quite upset that he could not see if off screen even when he looked down at it.

I have to say that having got my little guy a train set for Christmas I cannot wait for Christmas morning and getting those WOW's a hope as James the Train (the red one from Thomas the Tank) runs around those rails.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

The first snow of Christmas is falling outside of my window as I write this. Growing up where I did in England the snow was rare and hard to find so I really do enjoy snow around Christmas even if it is wet due to the little rain that came first. My little guy wasn't really to sure what to make of it as we walked out of the gym this morning. Yes that is right people we went to the gym in the snow. Wow I feel dedicated. My little guy hit the snow as he does bubbles in the bath and I think was a little shocked in the beginning about the coldness. However after a quick ride in the car back to the house once getting out again we have a little fun as we through snow flakes at the ground. I am hoping that we can move on to snowballs in the near future. On another note of fun we will be off to see my family soon so although the flight itself scares me I am quite sure that the trip itself will be great. I just need to start praying now!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The other day we were talking about memories and how we can encourage our own children to have them. I wonder if my little guy could talk what he remembers so far of his life. It also got me htinking about what I remember from my childhood. I do remember some of the big holidays and such but things that I remember the most are the smaller things or Saturday mornings sitting in bed together as a family drinking tea. Birthday parties that were full of games and ended in a good bit of rough and tumble with my dad. I also remember one year having an elephant shaped birthday cake that my mum made for me. Some holiday moments that really sick in my mind are camping and the things we did together as a fmaily, like the plastic duck race in a river I believe was in Norfolk, camping in Scotland and having a cold spell which meant we put on extra clothes just to go to bed as it was ground frost at night. I also remember getting given a freshly laid egg in a country pub in night and the following day my dad cooking it to perfection. So many more memories and it makes me wonder what memories will I have as my little boy becomes a big boy and I am sure that they will be very different from the ones that he will have. I am sure that in 20 years time it will be fun to talk about these things and see whether we remember the times the same way or if w2e wonder were ever really spent any time together.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Concentrate.

We decided today to take a trip out and go to a place that was recommended. It was said that there was trains. So off we went. It was a garden centre and there was lots of Christmas decorations and other things and then through all the stuff there it was a huge train set with lots of trains all running around it. My little guy was delighted and watched them all go around. He was a little young to realise that one of them was Thomas the Tank but I think the thrill was all the same. We did manage to have a little walk around the centre and see some fish but my boy was thrilled to get back to the trains. I think he must have watched them for about 30 or more minutes. He didn't want to leave and screamed as we took him away from his trains. I think I will try and take him again before it goes away.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Survived and Conquered!

The week of horrors has passed and this week was a lot more pleasant. Hot water did not arrive until Tuesday and I have to say as soon as it was all systems go with laundry, dishwasher etc. I then celebrated the hot water that night with a lovely hot bath. My little guy did not really realise that anything really had changed. He has however gone back to have a bath in the bath upstairs. We have managed little walks out and friends over. Thursday was a lovely day as we had a group of mums and kids over. There was one little boy who is about the same age and him and my little chap spent a happy few hours playing and chasing each other around the house. It was truly a joy to watch as they played as they are now growing up. Another little joy in the house was a new bunny has arrived. I will be updating my other blog on the new bunny. My little guy loves stroking him and is being very gentle.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just one of those days!

I guess in some ways one of those days started yesterday in the sense that I woke up with a headache, sore throat and some changes in temperature. So yesterday was spend very uneventful at home feeling yuck. Monday morning came after a bad night of sleep and my little chap screaming for longer than normal to penetrate my sleep. Upon entering the room the cat dashed out having been shut in all night. I thought nothing of it until I went back to get my little chap ready for the day. The edge of the carpet had been attacked with claws as my little Amelia must have been trying to dig her way out under the door. This was confirmed when I saw her and at places around her mouth she has managed to remove the fur. My cat must having been digging for a while but she seems no worse for wear as she tried to get back into my little guys room tonight.

The next thing to happen to day was at around mid morning about 40 minutes before I had to go to the doctors I could hear a notice that was a lot like a hissing noise. It took me a while to locate it but soon found out what it was when I stood in water flowing around the room where my hot water tank is. The tank has got a leak and so decided today was the day to flood. Calls to a friend where made and he very kindly dashed round to switch it off and help me drain it as I had not clue what to do and my little guy just wanted to splash in the hot water.

As the days carried onwards I then took my little guy to the doctors for some shots and for the whole appointment he was upset. Waiting he was fine as the train made its way around the surgery (a toy train that has a track near the ceiling through all the rooms) but upon entering the room for the doctor we cried to get weighed, we cried to have our ears checked, we cried to be touched and then we screamed to have our shots and then our diaper changed.

Today is a day where I would love to run a bath and relax in it to forget about the sore throat and the trials of the day but alas I have no hot water so I think I might pass as a cold bath or shower just before bed does not sound appealing in any shape or form

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Moment for the Simple Life.

So many days I find myself with a list of things to do and places to go. Grocery shopping time, laundry time followed by lunch time, nap time and then playtime. Then it is tea time and bed time. There is a time for everything but moments. So often I find myself running around, and I forget that there is a moment to enjoy. I forget that really this is my little boys first Autumn, as lets face it last year he wasn't moving. This is his first year to run through the fallen leaves and laugh as I kick the leaves flying into the air. If I keep on with my list of things to do I may miss these moments of fun and memories for me to cherish. As I am quite sure that in not too much time, running through the leaves and kicking them into the air with mummy with be everything but fun and even embarrassing. So in my list of things to do I must always remember to add time for moments.

Todays moment was when we got out of the car my little boy starting stamping in the leaves. The next 10 minutes was spent with much squeals of laughter as leaves flew into the fair in all directions. I feel we need to go to the park soon and kick as many leaves as we can.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BBQ's and helping out!

Yesterday we had a group of people over for a BBQ. It was funny because in many ways we had a completely British BBQ and that was it rained and it poured. My poor husband was stood outside under an umbrella trying to flip burgers and turn sausages. My little guy spent all evening running round and entertaining our guests. Smilling and dashing away, even at times he was out stealing peoples food.

Today however my little champ decided that he was going to help me unload a dishwasher. Each dish was picked out and handed to me for me to put away. It went very well until we reached the top of the dishwasher because then he was on his tip toes trying to pick out glasses. So I helped out with the breakables and left him to fish out the plastic. All in all it went very well and I feel that I am doing well having my little guy at 19 months help with chores.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it Superman?..... No it is a PLANE!!

Plane are the new thing of the month, week or day not to sure which but my little guy can spot a dot in the sky and know that it is a plane and not a bird or Superman. Shouts of Dar can be heard from the back as I try to scan the horizon to fine what it is and it is a plane. I have to say that at times I struggle to find this dot, but my boy has it down. Dar currently is the word for any kind of moving vehicle be it a bus, lorry (truck for all you americans) car or plane. Which means I always have to make sure I know what he is pointing at before I go "Yes it is a plane!"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York!

As a family this weekend we dash off to the BIG APPLE for a family wedding. I have to say that my little guy was a star. I was three days of no routine, late nights and napping on the go but he took it all in his stride. We spent the first day at the wedding and the reception and it was only later on in the evening that he really started to meltdown. During the wedding we managed to get at the back of the church and so he was able to run around and also make friends with some other little boys. The reception was time for him to fill his tummy with everything he could although we had a strong preference for the rice and beans. That night however was not pleasant for any of us. My little guy decided he did not want to sleep on his own and so I ended up sleeping on the floor with him as he moves to much in his sleep and was in danger of head diving off the bed.

The following day we made it into the big city itself. My guy was strapped to my back so that I knew where he was at all times. We had a small accident that meant we then had to run around trying to find a store that was not designer to get him some clean and therefore new trousers. After the made dash we made it to the church and met up with family. Then the evening was another late one where we had fun chatting with family. The following day was time to go home and collapse. I have to say that my little guy had a great time and not as many meltdowns as I thought he was going to have. But it does now mean that nap time and bed time are a fight until we get back into sleeping at normal times.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It was a moment or two!

The last week has been fun filled but also a little on the tiring side also, but I think that this is most likely how this month is going to go. Anyway today TWO things have happened which I feel should be duly noted and also applauded. First when I went to the gym today my little man walked straight round to the door and then ran in. I smiled as he then ran up to the little girl and stood next to her. It seems that little girls have become his new best friend even if he doesn't really say anything to them just yet, but he does get a lot braver when they are about. He stayed in there for my work out and was ready to some home when I came to pick him up which helped me not feel too replaced.

The next big thing was that he managed to stroke Amelia the cat. For several months since he became mobile they have been playing a merry dance around the house. My little guy sees that cat and for about 4 months has longed to touch the cat. However Amelia who is not the friendliest cat in the book would walk just about 2 feet in front of him before escaping up behind the stair gate and looking back with a look that I am not sure was of pure disdain or simply so there! However Amelia was a little on the hungry side and as she sat to eat my little boy came and sat down next to her, since she did not walk off at first he was at a lost of what to do but then slowly a little hand reached out and touched her back. After a couple of pats Amelia decided that enough was truly enough and left. My little chap could not have been happier.

Today we also went off to visit the local park. We fed the lonely goose and walked around before coming back. It was nice to lie in the sun and stretch our legs I am really enjoying the weather as I find it is not too hot and just right for playing outside. I am loving the back garden of our house and so is my little guy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

18 months!

Today my little guy celebrated his 18 months birthday. First big thing was that he slept till 8.15 am. There are times when as a mother I can't really decide whether I should be freaking out that something might have happened or to just enjoy the few moments of peace in the morning before he awakes ready to take over the day. My little guy seems to be growing up so quickly, he will now stay in the church nursery without any issues happily playing and doesn't even scream upon me leaving or arriving. Which I have to say that I enjoy. Occasionally when teeth are bad or we just managed to awake from the wrong side life can appear to be ending but most of the time life is good.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Once again the delights of teething has hit our household. This time however it griped tighter than it ever has before. My poor little guy has had a runny nose which in turn has lead to a cough, diaper rash and just moments of screaming. This so far has been going on for days and finally today I saw white! Yes the smallest bit of tooth has broken through the gum on both sides. In turn the nose is drying up and the diaper rash is vanishing. So hopefully peace can reign. Well OK the crying will reduce.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Dry!

My little guy has come to quite enjoy his baths now. We have bubbles and blocks and many other things to keep ourselves entertained, whilst mummy dear scrubs out the potatoes from behind the ears etc. The only thing now is once we are out of the bath we have to get dry and that is now what we scream about. However I have come up with a plan! That is once we are out of the bath we play chase. My little guy runs around and I chase after him. Once caught we have a rub down with the towel before being release and chasing again. So drying has now become a game and now only screams of delight can be heard. And since I have wooden floors in the landing I also don't have to worry about soggy carpet. So we all win.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slides, bubbles and bunnies.

This morning since the weather as dropped to a cooler level I decided we would go outside and play. While we were outside I also took out the new foster bunnies we have and let them have a run about in the pen. my little guy decided he wanted in the pen and to stroke them. After which we decided to run around after the bubbles and my little guy squealed with delight. Followed by climbing on the trucks we have, backwards. I don't think he has quite figured out which was is which or how you can move them but my little chap is getting closer. Then he decided to climb up and down the slides which was all great fun. This tired out my little guy completely and having got up really early this morning he started to meltdown. And so he is now having an early nap. He tried to protest about the whole thing but fell asleep before he could really scream.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All in the line say "What a cutie!"

The other week me and my little guy set off to the post office. It was a nice day so I decided to walk the half mile there and back. At the post office it was quite busy and my little guy decided that it was his job to entertain all in the line behind us with giggles and peek-a-boo's. I think all in all he had 12 people laping it up with sounds of "oh he is so cute" and "just look at the smile".

We also went to the store and my little one decided that being in a cart was a thing worse than death and so we screamed till I could think no more. So against my better judgment I let him run around. I have to say that little guy had a complete blast running around the store never going to far from me but staring at people and then smiling before running back to me. Everyone smiled and waved and even gave a few games of peek-a-boo. I think fun was had by all.

Over the labour day weekend we decided to have our house warming. We scrubbed our house till it shone and I doubt it will ever look this good again. We had over about 60 people through the evening and my little guy loved all the fun and kids and everyone. He ran this way and he ran that. Now it is over, I have to clean again but it was all worth it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 years!

Ok people don't panic my little lad has not just leap to the grand old age of eight. There has been no time warp, but what has happened is that me and my hubby have been married 8 years today. So to acknowledge this event we went out on our OWN. I know the hock the horror but it was great. Conversation without screaming or chatter or the clatter of cups and toys being thrown. We also went for a walk around the town centre and it was then that I realised I have truly passed into a new stage of life. Shops that I once viewed as grown up and hip have passed into being too young but kids clothing store now look like fair game. When I think about it I have passed through young and carefree a while ago not that I am in anyway sorry it has gone. But I am married, I have a kid and I own a house! Oh no I am sensible!!! and grown up!!!!!! Quick run for the hills!!!!!!!

On a sad note Sable the fish passed onto fishy heaven, the other two are still going sstrong so now they have passed the first week I feel I might have them for a few months

Monday, August 24, 2009


Throughout this week my husband has been away and so it was just me and my little guy verses the world. We have run around and also had many melt downs to say the least but I feel that we have also had our moments. After a nap me and my little guy hung out on my bed. I was finishing a book that I was reading and I had some crisps (chips to you Americans). My boy was sat on my knee facing me and decided to feed me crisps. One for me and two for him. He was so happy to be doing it and very proud. To me that was what made the whole week all worth while.

We have also expanded our family this week with Sable, Lucy and Albert Einstein (don't ask about the names) but you can ask about the species, they are fish. My little guys loves them as they move and well that's it really. I am hoping that they last a while as I never really had a great way with fish. But my little guy has his first pets. I will make him love animals, I will. Daddy comes home tomorrow and I can't wait.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


For a while my little guy has shook his head when he didn't want something but over the last couple of days a little no has now been added. Currently it is kind of cute but I am sure in about 24 hours I will disagree.

This week has been a little mad as daddy has been away. We have been here, there and everywhere. My motto is tired him out and I should get some sleep and in the most part it has worked. We have played at friends, run around the garden, popped out to the shops and been out for dinner. I am however looking forward to daddy arriving back home next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Something truly amazing happened this morning. My little guy went off to bed as normal between 8.30 and 9. This morning I woke to look at the clock thinking it would be 6 something to discover it was 7.30! I decided that panicking that something was wrong was a bad idea and hopped into the shower. At 8.00 am this morning I went in and woke up my little boy. So for the first time ever he had over 11 hours of sleep in one go. I am praying that is happens again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pool side view.

Today me and my little guy went off with a group of friends to the pool. I had managed to get my new swim suit in the mail, well really it is one of these swim dresses, but anyway off we went. My little boy was not too sure of the water at first and then started splashing happily, that was until he lost his balance and fell into the water. I have to say it was no more than a second of head being in the water but it was quite a shock to both of us. After that he were a little more cautious about the whole water thing and after falling over a couple more times we or rather he decided that a pool side view was much better. Once on the hard ground he would happily walk around and point at the water. Hopefully we will get better with the water the more he goes in it. Hopefully we can have some fun in these splash pools.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did it go?

The summer seems to be flying by fast than I can take. My little guy is having a great time with play dates and just hanging out. We have finally started being OK while I work out at the gym although when I back to pick him up he cries as if he has had the worst time ever. But I know that if I look through the window he is quite happy until he sees me.

The other day I had a moment. A moment where as I was walking across the car park holding my little guys hand it hit me a fresh that I am now a mother. Silly I know but for years I have watch parent drag their children into stores and push them around the store in the trolleys (carts for you Americans) and now I am that mother. I don't feel like I know enough to be a mother just yet. However I am a mother and I am enjoying it. We sat outside today a drew with chalk on the floor, soon it will be time for our nap. Days really do go a lot faster than they used too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

To communicate is a wonderful thing!

Ok so my little guy is saying huge amount of words etc but we have now got to a point where we point with direction and ask with OK grunts and squeaks but we ask. We also now will say Hi! when we come up to you and we are also achieving Yeah! with a better percentage of when we mean yes. For a long time shaking of the head and yeah was hit or miss but now we seem to be able to shake a head for No and say Yeah with one nod of the head for yes. We have also realised the names of things so I can now send my little guy off to get the phone or his truck or something which keeps him busy.

Today was a great day as we went to the Zoo in the morning. We could see the elephants, monkeys, lions and tigers but no bears today. My little boy squealed in great delight and pointed at everything he saw. He loves any animal that he sees, even my parents cat which he sees on the webcam. He is also loving the rabbits still and yesterday when we had friends over to play I was sure that he was showing them to everyone with huge amounts of delight.

Watching him over the last few days has made me see a little boy rather than the baby I had last year. I am beginning to wonder if time can go any faster. I am almost scared to blink in case I miss a moment.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is all a ploy!

I have decided that my little guy has a scheme going on. I try at the moment to go to the gym 2-3 times a week and for that little window of time my little boy goes in the daycare. Now the fuss he puts up as I walk out of the door one would believe he was about to have his arms and legs removed. However within a couple of minutes everything is fine and he is running around without any issues. But we have now devised a plan or rather he has and that is to POOP! So after about 30-40 minutes and I am peddling up a storm on the bike as that is what I finish my work out with. Instead of getting about 30 minutes of peddling and trying to read a book, a staff member arrives at the said saying "He pooped" Now I never bring in a diaper bag and also the screaming as I leave can only be done once for me so I have to go and collect him. I think he thinks well if I poop I know she will come and also I think he likes patting my belly and is scared I will lose it. All in all however it makes trying to work out an interesting experience. I make sure that I have done my walking and rowing before the face appears with the news that my son needs me. Oh what it is to be needed!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Bash

The weekend held in store lots of fun for us. We or rather I should say I decided that since my little guy never managed to get a birthday party due to us living in the apartment and also us half being packed etc I decided that we should have a Summer Bash this month so that at least my little guy had had some type of party. So the evites were sent out and when the day arrived we had quite a few friends that said they would come. I began to panic that we would have rain but no we had the most amazing weather for the middle of July. There was almost no humidity at all which was a blessing. We have purchased a small pool for my little boy but instead of filling it with water we added balls instead. We also had a small paddling pool for a little water, also we had so truks and cars that could be sat on or in and set off on an adventure. Great fun was had by all that came I believe as the kids ran around exploring the fun of things and throwing balls everywhere. The water was splashed and the food devoured. By the end of the day my little boy had had a wonderful time but also was tired. I wish I could say that he slept for ever that night but no 5.40 the cries arrived, alas no lie in. But still I loved it and so did everyone else I hope!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're all off on a summer holiday!

Well actually we have just come back but hey who cares. We managed three nights away in Williamsburg. All three of us had a blast. My little guy had great time running round and seeing new things. He decided that he loved curry to eat a long with BBQ chicken sandwiches. We went on a carriage ride and walked through a maze. We played huge amount of peek-a-boo and all in all had a great few days away. It came after a long couple of weeks in which my little guy got FIVE teeth and four of them were molars so it has been tough but it is over. Having lounge in the sun over the weekend with nothing more to do than have fun and eat the world arrived with a bang as we tried to get back to normal living and routine. However today I got out the paddling pool and the little car and we pretend that the holiday was still on.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Playroom,, fireworks and a night out!

Over the weekend we had a mass sorting out. My husband spent the afternoon removing what looks to be about 20 years of junk from the shed that was left by the previous owner and the one before that we believe. Everything was found from old car seats, rusty old children's bikes and even a little kids car that once cleaned will be great. I on the other hand spent the afternoon cleaning and organising my little guy's playroom complete with ball pit for the moment. Great fun was had in that as we threw balls all over the place and could create as much mess as we want. It also now means that my lounge is back to being a lounge rather than a toy dump!

We all went out together to see the local fireworks. My little man loved them in the beginning and by the end was trying very hard to fall asleep. Also on Sunday we went out with our little guy he got to stay at home with some friends that came to babysit. He had a ball as they played with him and entertained him while me and my husband managed some adult conversation. Fun was had by all!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Toothbrush and Toilets.

My little guy has discovered that posting things is great fun. We have left cars in the fridge and blocks down the side of the sofa. We have also left the toothbrush in the toilet. I have to say that was something that we didn't not retrieve to be used again.

We also have been to the doctors to have our 15 month check up. All went well, we discovered that he has about 8 teeth coming through including all four molars which explains the general unhappiness at times. We also had to have a couple of shots and he surprised me by not crying. He just glared at the nurse as if to say 'How dare you!' He even watched the needle go into his arm. I am quite sure if he could have thrown daggers out of his eyes at her he would have. However today we where supper clingy throughout the day, after being around a lot of people we did however begin to come unstuck which was a huge relief.

The new rabbits are still causing great giggles and smiles. I think because unlike the cat they can't run away although I am quite sure they are wishing they could!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A new adventure has taken hold in our house and that is that we are going to be fostering rabbits. We have taken in two little babies that my little guy thinks are great. I hope that his excitement will carry on as we look after this babies. We are however going to be stopping the horses as my little guy is loving running around too much as I feel it will cause issues to have loose horses and a child that wishes to run.

My little guy is trying to run around a lot more and climb stairs and pursue adventures that only he knows what they are. He will sit there and giggle about a thought he has or shake his head in great excitement. He managed to stay at the gym daycare today although the result was a very clingy baby. It is at those times I am reminded that he is still so little. Although as he runs around and waves at people I begin to think he has grown so big. I feel torn between thinking I have a big boy and a little baby.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To sleep or not to sleep..........

To sleep or not to sleep.......... is the question on my little guys mind at the moment and he would much prefere the answer to be NOT. We have succumbed to a cold this week and therefore we have also decided that napping is something we are going to fight with to the very end. I tired mummy tried everything for him to fall to sleep and in many ways knows that she will live to regret this move as once we are better we will refuse to sleep without being held. But my little guy needs his sleep and I cannot anymore listen to his screams for ever. We have tried sitting in the room leaving him to cry but all that happens is that I go into a very wet mess and a disrort little boy who is even more awake. We are now napping however and I am glad to say that we have gone over an hour. So hopefully I will have a happier baby when he wakes.

Today we went off to Toys R Us. I have to say even as I walk through the doors now as an adult I still feel that same thrill as when I was younger and going in after Christmas with all my money to pick out something great. I cannot wait till my little guy is able to feel that same thrill. Anyway we went in to buy some balls as I am having a ball pit for him this summer. I also have a small paddling pool and also my get a sandbox. Have to see how that pans out as I need to be organised for that but anyway we walked around and my little guy decided that it would start talking to the shop assitant which he found very funny, espeically when we did our silly scrunch up our face smile.

I am now beginning to really look forward to the summer and hope to have lots of summer fun with some great memories. As we all know that before you know it they are off out the door to college. Enough of that though as I am going to enjoy water splashing and ball throwing fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gyms, Melt Downs and Grass Cutting

This evening I had an appointment at a gym for my first free personal training session. I am on a mission to lose all that baby weight and to stop the sagging. I know that as I get older things aren't as toned as they once were but I feel I want to at least be where a person can be before 30. So I have a couple of years to reach my goal.

Anyway I was already ready to burn some calories and work up a sweat. So I start filling out paperwork, those horrible questions regarding what you eat and how much exercise that you do and other such things. Anyway the lady from child care approached me saying the my darling little boy would not stop screaming. Alas no workout could happen, as my child decided that he needed to be attached to my hip. So we did the basics the very basics which concluded that I was fat. I felt like telling him that I could have already have pointed that out but anyway...... my little guy clung to me like his life depended on it. I don't know whether he is being like this because daddy is away or what. So no workout later I stepped outside. I was hoping to be dripping with sweat but instead I quickly became dripping wet with rain. Tomorrow hopefully we will have a better day. I am glad this morning however that I worked up a sweat cutting the front grass with my little guy strapped to my back. Maybe I could ask if I can do a work out with him strapped to my back at the gym.

But this evening as we lay on the floor staring at each other a pulling funny faces, giggling and smiling I felt truly blessed by my little guy. I truly cannot imagine life without him. I am amazed daily by the love that grows for him. This is truly the best gift I have ever been given.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mac and cheese!

I truly have an American for a child has he is in love with mac and cheese. He can take or leave most other things but when that mac and cheese arrives in front of him he will munch away for ages. Then proceeds to drip cheese sauce all over the room. Including my legs which I didn't really notice until I was outside. Fortunately I was only at the horse rescue and my four legged friends could not care less whether I had it on my face as long as food arrived in their bucket.

My little guy has been loving the horses or rather the dirt that he gets to play in while we feed. He will pile it all up and then destroy his heap just to make it again. Running round collecting pebbles and flowers is always good too. Our new trick of the week is trying to stand on our head and look at the world upside down. Apparently it looks a lot better that way. We have also decided taht running laps around the house hold an object preferably a pillow is great fun. If you have the pillow you can always stop and lie down on it when you get tired, which he does regularly about every 5 strides. My little guy never seems to stop moving always on the look out for new and interesting things to destroy and eat. Nap time I have to say is a welcome break at times!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Number Seven

This week we arrived at the number 7 for the number of teeth that have now arrived in his mouth. I am amazed how much he has grown up. He really wants to run but so far all it has resulted in is falling flat on his face and me watching how large the lump will be. We have seemed to settled into a routine of sleeping until at least 7 which I am very grateful for as I feel like I am maybe becoming human again. The house is beginning to feel more and more like home as the boxes get unpacked and I am hoping by the end of the summer everything will be done and then we can have everyone over who helped us out.

I bought some flowers to go in the pots by the front door this week and when my friend came over we planted them. My little one loved this as he could pull all the flowers off and eat dirt. I am glad to say though the the flowers are now reappearing and the little plants try so hard to grow more. We have had so much rain this week that I haven't even had to remember to water them so I am hopefully they will survive a while, before either I don't water them or my little guy destroys them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

All creatures great and small!

It was bright and sunny this morning and in a moment of weakness I had said to my husband last night that I would cut the back grass. I was mad totally and completely but I am a woman of my word so out I went this morning ready to take on our very tall grass. My husband set everything up so all I had to do was strap my little one, on to my back and away I went. We however met a new neighbour to us and that was our local friendly Possum. They are meant to sleep during the day but this one was just having a look around before slowly retreating under the shed for it's sleep. I am getting more and more amazed my the wildlife around here. So far we have had Peter the rabbit and Charlie the chipmunk and now (hmmmmmm..... a name???) Twila the Possum. Who knows how many rabbits and chipmunks we truly have but for pointing out purposes we just have the one. Anyway the grass is now cut and my little guy fell asleep on my back and has been now transfered to his crib where he sleeps still. I am hoping for not too much longer as I need to also go and get some shopping done.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bumps and Lumps

It happened today. As my little guy finally decided that responding to mummy calling him was a good idea he turned and tried to run towards me. Alas he mind and feet did not manage to keep pace and we crashed with a bump onto the floor. Now this is not the first time this has happened but this time it was hard enough to get a lump right on his forehead. I almost thought he was getting a third eye. But no just a lump from his bump. My little guy however recovered quickly and is back to trying to run. I do keep telling him however that he should really grasp the idea of walking before we try and run!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleep is Golden

For the last few nights my little guy has done the amazing task of sleeping through the night. I can now fall asleep with no fear of waking within the next hour or more. Usually we have woken around 6am but this last two morning it has been 7am before those first cries have occurred.

Other than that life is in many ways uneventful yet full at the same time as day to day events occur. The new house is becoming more and more like home as we hang up curtains and unpack everything.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Number 6!

If I was into lucky number I would choose 6 at the moment. As finally number 6 tooth has arrived which is a joy to both me and my little guy and also something amazing happened last night and that was my little man slept through to 6.15! I woke to him crying and had to stare at my clock in disbelief! I hope and pray this is now going to be the norm.

However the ret of the day was not so great as my little guy had to go for a follow up scan on his kidney. It was enlarged when he was born. Now this involved no invasive procedures, just a simple task of lying still! This is a task however that even asleep my little one struggles to do, so as mummy had to pin him down while the doctor took the ultrasound the world ended and I went deaf. Recovery was quick and sweet after and a long nap in the car was taken. All we have to do now is wait and see the doctor for the results. Hopefully it willbe a hello, good bye type visit and never see them again.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New House = New Home!

As I sit surrounded by unpacked boxes and feelings of being overwhelmed creep over me I remember that in the long run this is all worth it. An example was yesterday when we were having breakfast and a Chipmunk sat outside our sliding door eating on some seeds. Lucas stared out and watched this little creature run around outside. It is then I think these a the little memories that bring a happy childhood. Our unloved house is slowly turning into a loved home. The rooms are slowly, very slowly being to take shape. Things are being fixed and I am sure if this house could speak it would be saying "Finally someone cares!" The house is having new this and that added, along with fix this, clean that. I am sure that in about a months time this house can stand proud next to its nieghbours as it will look like a home that someone loves to live in.

My little guy is enjoying all the space to practice is walking and soon running in. Although we are still struggling to nap during the day. I think it is because the room is so light ad=nd having never been a good napper this is adding to his problems. But the new curtains have arrived and hopefully put up today. My boy is now getting better at night although we are still waking up. I also hope soon to encourage sleeping till 7am. But we are taking it one step at a time. The same way unpacking can only happen one box at a time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving, teething and so much more!

We have finally made it into our new house! Boxes are still waiting to be unpacked and projects are still needed to be finished but we are here. It was an interesting move as when me and my little guy arrived at our new home with the truck ready to unload we found two guys who have broken into the house because they were here to foreclose on the house. No one for whatever reason had told them that we had purchased the house. So after a few tense moments things were sorted and our stuff was unloaded. Since then it has been a whirlwind. Before we arrived our church had come out in amazing force and painted 95% of the house. My little guy has been enjoying the yard and all the space. To christen our first night sleeping in the house my little guy provided us with a new tooth. I can't wait for the parties and the memories in this house to unfold. I truly feel blessed!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The tree is coming out of its pot.

For sometime now we have been looking to purchase a house. As we have been blessed that we are able to buy while the market has down. We have had so many up and downs in this process that at times I wondered whether we would buy and to be honest there are far too many houses to mention that we nearly got and didn't. However we have now found a house and we had the pleasure and the stress on signing this week so that it is now ours. In some ways it is bitter sweet for me. Why? I hear you cry! I guess I like to say it this way. For a long time I have been a tree in a pot. I pick myself up and put myself down in whatever place we were living but we never quite got settled, roots never went down into the area, and I guess somewhere I was always hoping that roots never would and I could just take that pot back to England. However we are now placing roots as we buy this house and my tree is coming out of its pot. Which is great because I now know that I will live here for a while and there is no more moving (me and my husband have been married for 7 and a half years and this will be our 7th move). But this move means we are staying, I know that we can still move anywhere including back to England but now it will be a lot harder to do as the roots of the tree grow deep into the land. SO although I love all the friends I have made living here, there is in some way is a final stance as we build our home in the US. I am however looking forward to painting my house and having my own home to do with as I please. To watch my little guy play in the yard and grow up here and enjoy the many friends that I have gained and are now helping to make this place home and create a family whilst I am so far away from here!.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gone Home!

As I reflect back on the last three weeks of having my family here and the fun that my little guy has had, it makes me realise again that the pain of emigrating is not that first good bye but the good bye's that come every year when the family visit comes to an end and the realisation that they are not just around the corner.

The last three weeks however have been amazing! My family brought over the grey drizzle like weather with them so that I didn't have to feel like I was missing out by not making it back to England for a while. My little guy had masses of attention lavished as well as a huge influx of toys due to a certain birthday. Many adventures have also played out as we travel out and about, ate in restaurants.

Now however it is time to get back to just the three of us, which I think make take some adjusting for my little boy. We do however have a new favourite pastime and that is running around the apartment whilst someone waits around the corner say "Where are you?" The squeals of joy will ring out. Feeding the ducks and swinging in the air will come again but not with Granddad and Grandma for a while. However now it the time to see if he will recognise anyone on the web cam.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tall, Skinny and a BIG Head!

The doctor has stated that I have a tall, skinny baby with a big head. I know where he gets the large head and that is from me, he gets the skinny from his dad. However the tall part I am not so sure as the last well know family trait in my family is tall people and the same for his dad too. Also the doctor commented on the fact that my little guy wouldn't or couldn't go from lying down to sitting up and maybe we should look into it. I said maybe it had something to do with his large head. However my little guy was listening and within a couple of days of the doctor warning us, he is now happily sitting up from lying down. It seems that my little one just likes freaking out my doctor and insists on doing everything on his own time.

Over the last week with family we have been having a great time. My little one is enjoying being the centre of everything good and winning over everyone with his cheeky smiles and oohhs and aahhs. We have been out and about looking at the sights of DC including going up and down in lifts (elevators for you americians) and looking at the cherry blossoms. We have also fed the ducks and been shopping. With so much to look at his head has been on a swivel. It is wonderful to watch as he discovers the world for the first time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Bonds

It is safe to say that most small children run screaming from my dad. Certainly children of around the age of one have been known to burst into tears just from a look. The tickles and funny noises have turn the most bravest of babies into a blubbering mess. However my little guy has no issues what so ever with his Granddad. He have taken everything in its stride and have enjoyed all the tickles and giggles and everything else. The only thing we can think of as peek a boo ensues is that blood truly is thicker than water. My little guy is loving all the attention from Grandma, Granddad and Great Gram. I am not sure how I am going to cope once they leave as he is the rightful centre of attention and he will come crashing down from attention withdrawal once they leave. But for now we shall just enjoy every joyful moment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Today!

A whole year has passed and my family has arrived from England to celebrate. I find my self looking back and wondering where did it all go. Could have been more prepared? I think that I could have in maybe more of the practical but I feel I could have never been prepared for the overwhelming feeling of responsibility or the worry of am I doing OK Is he doing OK and so it goes on....... But have survived a year and I am looking forward to the next. I have a little guy who refuses to crawl and does a strange bum shuffle. He can now take about 8 steps before falling. I wonder where I will be next year but I am sure it is going to be great fun and I can't wait to enjoyed every amazing moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Real Life ER Drama

Sunday night is a night that I have a feeling I will remember for some time. My little guy having gone to bed as normal woke as normal at 12.30 however he appeared to be gasping for breath. He started to cry and cough with this real seal like cough. His chest was heaving in and out as if he couldn't catch a breath. My heart jumped into my mouth as I had no idea what was happening. My husband who had been in India was thankfully back and I was very grateful as I would not want to have done this on my own. Off we ran to the ER. By the time we had signed in and sat in the waiting room my little guy was happily sitting on my lap as if he was the healthiest guy on the planet. We saw the doctor who said that since he was now fine he saw no point in doing anything and it could just be a one time thing. However if it happened again we should come back or follow up with our pediatrician. So a few hours later from leaving we climbed our stairs to our apartment. Around 3 am we climbed back into bed. At 6 in the morning I was awoken by the same desperate attempts to breath from my son. I held my exhausted boy in my arms as he tried to breath and finally it calmed down and he slept whilst I held him up right in my arms. Of to the pediatrician we went in the afternoon and Croup was diagnosed. Thankfully he has a very mild case of it because he is running no fever and the cough subsides during the day. Already he is better and although the nights are long and tiring for me as I nurse him through the attacks he is improving already, of which I am very thankful. It is at times like these I realise how much this little guy in a year has crept into our lifes and how much my love has grown in volumes to levels I never knew before were possible.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little guy this morning woke up with all smiles and giggles. As we cuddled next to each other in bed he started clapping. Normally he just waved his hands about with glee but this morning they collided together. Together we clapped and cheered. His joy was truly amazing.

This evening after bath time we stood in front of the mirror as he chatted away to his hearts content. We then both waved at the mirror. He turned and looked at me waving next to him and then looked back at the mirror where I was still waving. The concentration was truly amazing. It was like he almost got it, but yet missed the idea it was him by a whisker. I am sure before long he will finally understand why in front of this strange thing he suddenly has two mums.

We have also started a new thing and that is brushing our four little teeth. My little guy seems to prefere chewing on the tooth brush but it gets done and no screams. I look at him and think WOW! My baby is becoming a toddler!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Step forward!

Today my little guy managed to take his first wobbly step on his own. I am not completely sure he knew what he had done as I picked him up and cheered. But it means that my little baby is soon to be a toddler. I truly find it amazing that although he has never bothered to crawl we are on the verge of walking. We have now developed a bum shuffle to get from floor to near chair so that we can walk around. He amazes me, who knows what he will be doing next week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is coming.........

I can hardly believe it that is a months time till my little guy turns ONE!! I am not sure I am ready to have a one year old. As I start looking back over the last year I can hardly believe how much has happened. My little one in some ways feels like he has been here forever. I am overwhelmed with love for him more each day. I truly cannot cuddle him enough. I watch him as he changes and his personality comes out more and more and wonder what life has in store for him. But all I know for the moment is I am going to enjoy just that the moment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dangerous Sports!

Having had my best friend come and visit which was great. My little guy decided to reward this joy with his forth tooth arriving whilst she was baby sitting and I was at the dentist of all places. I returned home to a grumpy baby but I was glad that it had arrived as it had been threatening to for sometime. My little one has been spoiled rotten whilst my friend was here and so I am now left with a baby that wants my undivided attention. It scares me silly that he has now turn 10 months old and with that has decided to take on new dangerous sports. Not just one but two. My nerves truly cannot take it.

The first dangerous sport is standing. He loves for you to stand him up and then he hold on to things and generally feels very proud of himself and occasionally he will wobble without holding onto anything. The dangerous part is: he falls down. Either because he fails to manage to grab hold on something or because the something he grabs onto fails to hold him. He wibbles and he wobbles and he falls down with a huge crash and screams and tears.

The second dangerous sport is that with the standing has come the huge need to walk everywhere!! This also causes a lack of balance as we edge around the activity table. Or the best is pushing the walking toy and forgetting to move our legs and so causing our face to eat some carpet. I know that in time these sports will not remain dangerous but my question is will he have any brain left over or will he have simply knocked it all out by the time he can walk!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One, Two Three ........

My little guy the other day was totally grumpy, we had had a bad night so I wasn't really thinking much about it until he opened his little mouth and there it was number three. That is the third tooth was just beginning to poke through. All of a sudden a light dawned on my as I realised why the night had been so bad and the morning to for that matter. We should soon be counting to four and the grumpy baby continues and a forth budge is there showing another little white spot of the tooth ready to burst through.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Finally Get It!!

As I watch my little guy flap his arms in excitement at the world around him or a funny face from Daddy, as I watch him wobble on his legs as he stands holding on to my hands, I finally get it! I finally understand that when my mummy talks to me she doesn't always see the 20 something women but that little girl that lay in her arms, that gave her a first smile all those years ago. Just like in 20 years time when my son walks through the door with a tattoo or something which makes me want to scream, or a girlfriend that is soon to be a part of the family, I won't see the young man I will see the little boy I held in my arms, got up with a nursed two - three times a night, a boy that flapped his arms when you smiled and bounced on my knee. As we all know that from now on until the end of time he will always be my little boy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

How did we do it???

As I watch my little guy cling for dear life on my hands as he wobbles about on his very unstable legs it makes me wonder how we ever manage to walk. When you start to think about the logistics of standing never mind walking I am amazed. Carrying all that weight on those two tiny things called feet and then on top of that you need to move without falling flat on your face. I find how all those muscles work and your brain sending all those signals to them as they quickly adjust amazing. God really did have to know what he was doing when he created man, or any other animal in fact. My little guy can now do a wobbly walk as you stand in front and hold his hands but anything else comes to a crashing end. We really do taking walking for granted forgetting how amazing it really is!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The holidays are coming to an end and a new year has begun. My little guy has celebrated Christmas with his second tooth. So at the beginning of 2009 we have our two front teeth. OK not quite for Christmas but New Year at least. We also celebrated the holidays with a trip to the doctors for that wonder of wonders the NINE month appointment, I truly cannot believe my little boy is that old. We are pleased to say that he is still growing and has gained weight and also to keep in the family tradition has an extra large head.

All in all it has been a great Christmas and I cannot wait to see what 2009 has in store for the three of us!!