Saturday, November 14, 2009

Survived and Conquered!

The week of horrors has passed and this week was a lot more pleasant. Hot water did not arrive until Tuesday and I have to say as soon as it was all systems go with laundry, dishwasher etc. I then celebrated the hot water that night with a lovely hot bath. My little guy did not really realise that anything really had changed. He has however gone back to have a bath in the bath upstairs. We have managed little walks out and friends over. Thursday was a lovely day as we had a group of mums and kids over. There was one little boy who is about the same age and him and my little chap spent a happy few hours playing and chasing each other around the house. It was truly a joy to watch as they played as they are now growing up. Another little joy in the house was a new bunny has arrived. I will be updating my other blog on the new bunny. My little guy loves stroking him and is being very gentle.

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Ana said...

So happy that you survived the last couple of weeks! And yes, it was a joy seeing our two little boys playing so well together! Have a blessed week.