Monday, November 2, 2009

Just one of those days!

I guess in some ways one of those days started yesterday in the sense that I woke up with a headache, sore throat and some changes in temperature. So yesterday was spend very uneventful at home feeling yuck. Monday morning came after a bad night of sleep and my little chap screaming for longer than normal to penetrate my sleep. Upon entering the room the cat dashed out having been shut in all night. I thought nothing of it until I went back to get my little chap ready for the day. The edge of the carpet had been attacked with claws as my little Amelia must have been trying to dig her way out under the door. This was confirmed when I saw her and at places around her mouth she has managed to remove the fur. My cat must having been digging for a while but she seems no worse for wear as she tried to get back into my little guys room tonight.

The next thing to happen to day was at around mid morning about 40 minutes before I had to go to the doctors I could hear a notice that was a lot like a hissing noise. It took me a while to locate it but soon found out what it was when I stood in water flowing around the room where my hot water tank is. The tank has got a leak and so decided today was the day to flood. Calls to a friend where made and he very kindly dashed round to switch it off and help me drain it as I had not clue what to do and my little guy just wanted to splash in the hot water.

As the days carried onwards I then took my little guy to the doctors for some shots and for the whole appointment he was upset. Waiting he was fine as the train made its way around the surgery (a toy train that has a track near the ceiling through all the rooms) but upon entering the room for the doctor we cried to get weighed, we cried to have our ears checked, we cried to be touched and then we screamed to have our shots and then our diaper changed.

Today is a day where I would love to run a bath and relax in it to forget about the sore throat and the trials of the day but alas I have no hot water so I think I might pass as a cold bath or shower just before bed does not sound appealing in any shape or form

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