Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Moment for the Simple Life.

So many days I find myself with a list of things to do and places to go. Grocery shopping time, laundry time followed by lunch time, nap time and then playtime. Then it is tea time and bed time. There is a time for everything but moments. So often I find myself running around, and I forget that there is a moment to enjoy. I forget that really this is my little boys first Autumn, as lets face it last year he wasn't moving. This is his first year to run through the fallen leaves and laugh as I kick the leaves flying into the air. If I keep on with my list of things to do I may miss these moments of fun and memories for me to cherish. As I am quite sure that in not too much time, running through the leaves and kicking them into the air with mummy with be everything but fun and even embarrassing. So in my list of things to do I must always remember to add time for moments.

Todays moment was when we got out of the car my little boy starting stamping in the leaves. The next 10 minutes was spent with much squeals of laughter as leaves flew into the fair in all directions. I feel we need to go to the park soon and kick as many leaves as we can.

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