Sunday, October 25, 2009

BBQ's and helping out!

Yesterday we had a group of people over for a BBQ. It was funny because in many ways we had a completely British BBQ and that was it rained and it poured. My poor husband was stood outside under an umbrella trying to flip burgers and turn sausages. My little guy spent all evening running round and entertaining our guests. Smilling and dashing away, even at times he was out stealing peoples food.

Today however my little champ decided that he was going to help me unload a dishwasher. Each dish was picked out and handed to me for me to put away. It went very well until we reached the top of the dishwasher because then he was on his tip toes trying to pick out glasses. So I helped out with the breakables and left him to fish out the plastic. All in all it went very well and I feel that I am doing well having my little guy at 19 months help with chores.

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Michelle said...

My dad has pulled the British BBQ a couple times, but only when we have people over! Go figure...

Way to go Lucas :)