Monday, August 24, 2009


Throughout this week my husband has been away and so it was just me and my little guy verses the world. We have run around and also had many melt downs to say the least but I feel that we have also had our moments. After a nap me and my little guy hung out on my bed. I was finishing a book that I was reading and I had some crisps (chips to you Americans). My boy was sat on my knee facing me and decided to feed me crisps. One for me and two for him. He was so happy to be doing it and very proud. To me that was what made the whole week all worth while.

We have also expanded our family this week with Sable, Lucy and Albert Einstein (don't ask about the names) but you can ask about the species, they are fish. My little guys loves them as they move and well that's it really. I am hoping that they last a while as I never really had a great way with fish. But my little guy has his first pets. I will make him love animals, I will. Daddy comes home tomorrow and I can't wait.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


For a while my little guy has shook his head when he didn't want something but over the last couple of days a little no has now been added. Currently it is kind of cute but I am sure in about 24 hours I will disagree.

This week has been a little mad as daddy has been away. We have been here, there and everywhere. My motto is tired him out and I should get some sleep and in the most part it has worked. We have played at friends, run around the garden, popped out to the shops and been out for dinner. I am however looking forward to daddy arriving back home next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Something truly amazing happened this morning. My little guy went off to bed as normal between 8.30 and 9. This morning I woke to look at the clock thinking it would be 6 something to discover it was 7.30! I decided that panicking that something was wrong was a bad idea and hopped into the shower. At 8.00 am this morning I went in and woke up my little boy. So for the first time ever he had over 11 hours of sleep in one go. I am praying that is happens again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pool side view.

Today me and my little guy went off with a group of friends to the pool. I had managed to get my new swim suit in the mail, well really it is one of these swim dresses, but anyway off we went. My little boy was not too sure of the water at first and then started splashing happily, that was until he lost his balance and fell into the water. I have to say it was no more than a second of head being in the water but it was quite a shock to both of us. After that he were a little more cautious about the whole water thing and after falling over a couple more times we or rather he decided that a pool side view was much better. Once on the hard ground he would happily walk around and point at the water. Hopefully we will get better with the water the more he goes in it. Hopefully we can have some fun in these splash pools.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did it go?

The summer seems to be flying by fast than I can take. My little guy is having a great time with play dates and just hanging out. We have finally started being OK while I work out at the gym although when I back to pick him up he cries as if he has had the worst time ever. But I know that if I look through the window he is quite happy until he sees me.

The other day I had a moment. A moment where as I was walking across the car park holding my little guys hand it hit me a fresh that I am now a mother. Silly I know but for years I have watch parent drag their children into stores and push them around the store in the trolleys (carts for you Americans) and now I am that mother. I don't feel like I know enough to be a mother just yet. However I am a mother and I am enjoying it. We sat outside today a drew with chalk on the floor, soon it will be time for our nap. Days really do go a lot faster than they used too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

To communicate is a wonderful thing!

Ok so my little guy is saying huge amount of words etc but we have now got to a point where we point with direction and ask with OK grunts and squeaks but we ask. We also now will say Hi! when we come up to you and we are also achieving Yeah! with a better percentage of when we mean yes. For a long time shaking of the head and yeah was hit or miss but now we seem to be able to shake a head for No and say Yeah with one nod of the head for yes. We have also realised the names of things so I can now send my little guy off to get the phone or his truck or something which keeps him busy.

Today was a great day as we went to the Zoo in the morning. We could see the elephants, monkeys, lions and tigers but no bears today. My little boy squealed in great delight and pointed at everything he saw. He loves any animal that he sees, even my parents cat which he sees on the webcam. He is also loving the rabbits still and yesterday when we had friends over to play I was sure that he was showing them to everyone with huge amounts of delight.

Watching him over the last few days has made me see a little boy rather than the baby I had last year. I am beginning to wonder if time can go any faster. I am almost scared to blink in case I miss a moment.