Saturday, August 1, 2009

To communicate is a wonderful thing!

Ok so my little guy is saying huge amount of words etc but we have now got to a point where we point with direction and ask with OK grunts and squeaks but we ask. We also now will say Hi! when we come up to you and we are also achieving Yeah! with a better percentage of when we mean yes. For a long time shaking of the head and yeah was hit or miss but now we seem to be able to shake a head for No and say Yeah with one nod of the head for yes. We have also realised the names of things so I can now send my little guy off to get the phone or his truck or something which keeps him busy.

Today was a great day as we went to the Zoo in the morning. We could see the elephants, monkeys, lions and tigers but no bears today. My little boy squealed in great delight and pointed at everything he saw. He loves any animal that he sees, even my parents cat which he sees on the webcam. He is also loving the rabbits still and yesterday when we had friends over to play I was sure that he was showing them to everyone with huge amounts of delight.

Watching him over the last few days has made me see a little boy rather than the baby I had last year. I am beginning to wonder if time can go any faster. I am almost scared to blink in case I miss a moment.

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