Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is all a ploy!

I have decided that my little guy has a scheme going on. I try at the moment to go to the gym 2-3 times a week and for that little window of time my little boy goes in the daycare. Now the fuss he puts up as I walk out of the door one would believe he was about to have his arms and legs removed. However within a couple of minutes everything is fine and he is running around without any issues. But we have now devised a plan or rather he has and that is to POOP! So after about 30-40 minutes and I am peddling up a storm on the bike as that is what I finish my work out with. Instead of getting about 30 minutes of peddling and trying to read a book, a staff member arrives at the said saying "He pooped" Now I never bring in a diaper bag and also the screaming as I leave can only be done once for me so I have to go and collect him. I think he thinks well if I poop I know she will come and also I think he likes patting my belly and is scared I will lose it. All in all however it makes trying to work out an interesting experience. I make sure that I have done my walking and rowing before the face appears with the news that my son needs me. Oh what it is to be needed!

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