Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're all off on a summer holiday!

Well actually we have just come back but hey who cares. We managed three nights away in Williamsburg. All three of us had a blast. My little guy had great time running round and seeing new things. He decided that he loved curry to eat a long with BBQ chicken sandwiches. We went on a carriage ride and walked through a maze. We played huge amount of peek-a-boo and all in all had a great few days away. It came after a long couple of weeks in which my little guy got FIVE teeth and four of them were molars so it has been tough but it is over. Having lounge in the sun over the weekend with nothing more to do than have fun and eat the world arrived with a bang as we tried to get back to normal living and routine. However today I got out the paddling pool and the little car and we pretend that the holiday was still on.

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