Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thumbs and 3.30am

My darling little one had a beast of a day yesterday. He missed naps and refused to sleep leaving himself over tired and one cranky baby. I have to confess by the end of the day I was tired. Especially at then moment as the sleeping through the night has stopped and we are back to the 3.30am feeds. Once fed he quickly goes back to sleep, however I am the one left tossing and turning. I was thinking that maybe I would not introduce any type of solid food until 6 months but the temptation to start near the 4 month mark if he sleeps longer is looking very appealing. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

But on a more happier not we have decided that the thumb is the thing to suck. We tried the dummy (pacifier to the USA) and he was having none of it. It had barley hit his month before it was spat out in disgust, so the thumb it is. I am looking on the side of he will never lose his thumb and praying it won't be a bad habit to break.

I can't believe that next week my little one will have hit that 4 month mark. Looking back at those earlier photos I can't believe he was ever that tiny. And even though at times I am questioning my sanity and my ability to do this huge task of raising this amazing boy, I feel truly blessed by God that he is hear. This morning at 6.15 am when those feed me noises crept over the monitor and I dragged my tired body into his room to feed I was greeted by smiles and giggles and I realised that it is all worth it and I would do it all again without a seconds thought.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ponies and all.

Yes much to mummy's delight my Little One has been and seen his first pony/horse. Granted I am not sure that he really noticed them much and was a lot more interested in the people instead. But when looking upon the scene of a horse loading on a trailer he was truly amazed. 'That's my boy!!' I can't wait to see him interact with the ponies and watch him learn about them. I hope that he is able to share my love and enjoyment of these truly amazing animals. To keep him on the right path I have bought him a jumperoo in the shape of a horse. I know I am starting him young.

On another note my little one is getting bigger and learning new things. Toys are becoming more interactive and interesting. For the briefest of moments he is able to sit and stare before toppling down again. I have known this that sitting and holding your head is something you learn but watch my sweet baby wobble as he tries to look around and sit up makes me realize how many muscles work for me to just sit here and type this entry. Life is exhausting for him to just lift his head and stare around but it is a joy to play with him. He giggles and grins as you lift him up to sitting and lowering him down again. I am sure that all too soon he will be crawling around and I will be wondering where my baby went. I am truly enjoying these moments even though I am tired. I feel very blessed by God that I have this amazing gift.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Well my little one has had his first independence day. I have to say I view it different to many Americans (I guess due to the fact I am not American). America say hooray we are no longer under British power and us Brits say Hooray we are no longer responsible for America. Now we can be friends with no burden of commitment etc.

We all set off for friends after only one false start of a small explosion but that is another matter. We had a lovely evening where my little one happy sat and stared at all around and got the amount of attention he feels he deserves. We then went off to see some fireworks by the time we reached the field my sweet baby was asleep and he even managed to to stay asleep for the first few bangs but then he was awake. Wide eyed he stared at the flashes of colour which lit up the night sky. He was totally entranced by the magic. I have a feeling he takes after my side of the family after all with this love of firework displays.

And so we came home late and not on schedule but hey who needs that after a day of thrills, I am sure my little one had amazing dreams last night.