Monday, March 29, 2010

Offically a toddler!

I think my little guy started in the terrible twos a while ago with the throwing of fits and other joys that go with it. This week has been my little lad telling me that 2 is about to arrive. Up until now I have been blessed that although we have thrown many a fit in the home outside we have limited ourselves to just getting a little upset. However this week I did a terrible thing and that was I decided we needed to buy shoes for my little guy. Well I didn't know but the thing to measure your feet eats little boys feet and so we screamed and screamed in the store. The whole thing was very upsetting for my little guy. We did manage to get a guess on the size and I decided to put some sandals on hold while we took a break. Upon coming back to the store my little guy grabbed his feet as if it was the end of the world. I however did find some trainers (tennis shoes to you in the US) and tried them on his feet. It was a good job that I had the right size as they were not coming off once they were on and we discovered as he rain around the store they lit up. We both ended happy which was nice.

Yesterday my little guy became two. We had a birthday party and it was a blast. I set up a ball pit in the play room and I even made the cake and iced it. It was a train and I have to say it really didn't look too bad. It was great fun watching my little guy run around with all his friends and eating food. Due us all being tired we didn't do presents just yet that will be tonight so I guess that his birthday will last a little longer. Family is also arriving this week and so I am sure there will be another short birthday again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frugal Makeovers!

It seems that nowadays it is the new thing to save money and find new ways to make those pennies go a little further than before. I have looked into a lot of what has been said. Especially as my little guy goes through clothes a lot and shoes. Those growth spurts can be a lot. Also with toys going in and out of favour I am always on the look out for something good but not too expensive so that if it gets lost I am not too upset. I have to say though that a lot of things people suggest I already do. We have the energy saving appliances, we program our heating to come on or off. But what I am trying to do now is do better with buying food better. Aldi is now my regular place apart from the fact it feels like being back home as I add my quarter to get my cart. It also has great fun for my little guy as they are doing lots of work with diggers and other things. I am trying to get the better deals it has become a game. my little guy normally loves going around the stores seeing new people and things like that although today at our trip to BJ's there was nothing like fun as with our teeth trying to arrive my little guy just wanted to be held all the way round which really doesn't help when trying to buy stuff, I did inform him that it was all for him as it is for his birthday on Sunday but he was still not convinced about it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Last Week

This is the last week of having a one year old. As Sunday my little guy will be two. I can hardly believe it. In many ways he has stopped being a baby for several months but being two really seems to make it final. Over the last couple of months several things have happened that make me really realsie how far he has come. The language bubble has burst and we chat away without us stopping and somethings I can even grasp at what he is saying. We have also got some really nice weather and so now I can leave the back door open and he goes and plays out happily by himself. digging up dirt and kicking balls.
I can also see him now making choices some of them aren't quite what I had in mind but now I can tell him if you do that again you will get a time out and you can watch his little brain process and decided whether it truly is worth misbehaving. He will happily go and play with other kids now but I love that fact that he will still coming running when I go to pick him up. Currently my little guy is also working on his two year molars which really is not fun for anyone. But I guess that is just another proof that my baby really is now my little boy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hair Be Gone!

My little guy got his first hair cut. I felt with him turning two in couple of weeks it was time for it to happen. It had got very long but with him having such curly hair it was just growing around itself. But now my baby looks like a little boy and that he aged a lot. It is just another step as he grows up. Part of it doesn't feel real but now time to plan a birthday party!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spiders and Cobwebs

Today was what I would call my first day of spring. It was a lovely Spring day with sunshine and warmth. I must confess that the piles of snow out front that are resisting the thaw that is happening is a little strange, but me and my little guy got to spend some time outside in the back garden. We also took out Hamish our current foster bunny for a bit of sunshine. We had the great fun of a plane pass over several times and also a helicopter so my little guy was as happy as can be. We got the bubbles flowing and all in all had a great time.

This evening we had homemade drive thru as I got some oven cooked french fries and chicken nuggets. And then we had a family recipe of Spiders and Cobwebs for pudding. It is a little delight that I grew up on. Plain yogurt with honey and raisins added. I also add a touch of sugar too if the yogurt is not as sweet as I would like. It was a simple day in many ways but so many moments to remember of my little guy. As I already know that time just flies by a lot faster than I would like.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Packed Month

Time really seems to be flying this year. I can't quite believe that it is march already or that my little guy is going to be TWO in a matter of a couple of weeks. This month is going to be packed full of stuff and already has. We had a fun morning of friends over for pancakes. I think including kids it was about 20 people. My little guy got to run around with friends while the rest of us got to have some great conversation. I have decided to make my little guys birthday cake this year and so I did a practice run. The shape is that of a train which is provided by a shaped cake pan but I had to practice my icing which I can honestly say I did years ago and nothing since. I was impressed it did look like a train so I am now ready to tackle the real thing at the end of the month.

At the weekend my little guy got to go to a party where he was able to spend I happy 45 mintues climbing over bridges, slide down slides, crawl through tunnels, catch bubbles and run under parachutes. It was great to watch him get a real thrill out of everything. He came home that night and collapsed into bed without a word. I can really see my boy grow in independence as he will happily run off and play around other kids. Even at church yesterday when we arrived he knew right where he was going and ran there leaving me behind. He didn't even turn to wave good-bye. Part of me was a little said about that but at least when I went to pick him up he was very happy to see me.