Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Last Week

This is the last week of having a one year old. As Sunday my little guy will be two. I can hardly believe it. In many ways he has stopped being a baby for several months but being two really seems to make it final. Over the last couple of months several things have happened that make me really realsie how far he has come. The language bubble has burst and we chat away without us stopping and somethings I can even grasp at what he is saying. We have also got some really nice weather and so now I can leave the back door open and he goes and plays out happily by himself. digging up dirt and kicking balls.
I can also see him now making choices some of them aren't quite what I had in mind but now I can tell him if you do that again you will get a time out and you can watch his little brain process and decided whether it truly is worth misbehaving. He will happily go and play with other kids now but I love that fact that he will still coming running when I go to pick him up. Currently my little guy is also working on his two year molars which really is not fun for anyone. But I guess that is just another proof that my baby really is now my little boy.

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