Monday, March 29, 2010

Offically a toddler!

I think my little guy started in the terrible twos a while ago with the throwing of fits and other joys that go with it. This week has been my little lad telling me that 2 is about to arrive. Up until now I have been blessed that although we have thrown many a fit in the home outside we have limited ourselves to just getting a little upset. However this week I did a terrible thing and that was I decided we needed to buy shoes for my little guy. Well I didn't know but the thing to measure your feet eats little boys feet and so we screamed and screamed in the store. The whole thing was very upsetting for my little guy. We did manage to get a guess on the size and I decided to put some sandals on hold while we took a break. Upon coming back to the store my little guy grabbed his feet as if it was the end of the world. I however did find some trainers (tennis shoes to you in the US) and tried them on his feet. It was a good job that I had the right size as they were not coming off once they were on and we discovered as he rain around the store they lit up. We both ended happy which was nice.

Yesterday my little guy became two. We had a birthday party and it was a blast. I set up a ball pit in the play room and I even made the cake and iced it. It was a train and I have to say it really didn't look too bad. It was great fun watching my little guy run around with all his friends and eating food. Due us all being tired we didn't do presents just yet that will be tonight so I guess that his birthday will last a little longer. Family is also arriving this week and so I am sure there will be another short birthday again.

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