Monday, April 19, 2010

Family, roller-coasters and volcanoes!

Over the last couple of weeks my family has been in town. My parents, grandma and my cousins entertainment has been 24/7 and my little guy has loved it. We went to the beach where my little guy found great delight in wear Grandma's hat. We thought it was some of the funniest things ever. We all laughed to we nearly fell over. At times he couldn't see out from under the hat and would run around until he ran into something. We have also been to Six Flags. My little guy went on the carousel and had a blast as I held onto him. He also was able to go onto a small roller coaster for the first time. He held on with a grin from one end of his face to the other with no idea what was going on but he loved it. I think we may have to become a seasoned traveler on roller coasters. I did myself managed to get on some of the larger roller coasters and some of the rides that you get soaked on.

It was sad when the time came for everyone to leave but since Iceland had a volcano so we had an extended stay. It has meant that my grass has been cut and my little guy has had a blast with extra time with his entertainers.

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