Monday, September 29, 2008

And the little one said "Roll Over"

A couple of days ago my little one lay looking up at the ceiling with a kind of puzzled expression of how did I get here? That was because just moments before he had been staring at the floor getting very cross with the hole idea of tummy time. My little one has finally decided that rolling from tummy to back is a great idea and I think he is almost wondering why he didn't do it sooner. The funny thing is that sometimes he forgets how to do it. He lies on the floor with his forehead to the carpet and gives out the cross wail as he then tries to figure out where is arms are meant to be for him to roll over. If he could talk you know he would be lying their going " this is stupid I know I can do this now what did I do??" Eventually the little wheels in his mind turn and over he goes bring to an end this annoying thing called tummy time.

On another note I can't believe that my little guy is now 6 months old. This week he will begin taking solid foods. I can't believe how my little boy is growing up. Time truly does fly by. I can see that in no time a tall I will be waving him of to university with a tear in my eye thinking this is the little boy that once I could cradle in my arms and nurse to sleep, whilst putting the world to right with a gentle whisper.

And for all of you wondering this is what my little guy looks like now. He can sit up on his own for a little while until we do a sudden movement and come crashing down again. He has a smile for everyone now and seems to be a very happy little chappy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cribs away!!!

After several weeks of no crib and my little boy having the joy of sleeping in a pack n' play my new crib has finally arrived. I confess it doesn't match my current changing table because unknowingly to me cherry wood is no longer a good colour. Also neither is a crib under $200 and also with a drop down side. I did manage to find a drop down side crib because short people like me need on to reach their child when the base is on the lower level, I also got one in my price budget so that I didn't have to add more to my voucher. But I was unable to met the cherry wood colour so I had to choose antique walnut, it is lovely and my cutie is now sleeping in it so I guess that is all that matters.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Under the weather and beyond.........

Over the last week my little one has been feeling under the weather. We haven't run a temperature which was a blessing but we had a little upset tummy and also now a runny nose. That means that those blissful night of him sleeping through have vanished and some nights I even begin to question that I haven't just got another newborn as I am up every hour to two hours. Things are beginning to improve but he is still feeling a little down. But he is still managing to enjoy life and all its adventures. We are now often having those delightful fits of giggles and squeals. Soon he will be 6 months and we are now having moments of him sitting unsupported for a minute or to before starting to topple back to the floor. I am holding out for a longer sleep but trying to enjoy every moment that comes as I am beginning to realize how fast they grow up and I can never get it back again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

To the Rescue.......

I can't believe that my little boy is now over 5 months old. Part of me feels like it was only yesterday he entered this world, yet there is another part that can't really remember him not being here. Our lives have pretty much fallen into a happy pattern of going out to see people, playing and sleeping, as well attending church and its various activities. Today as the tail end of hurricane Hanna hits our region (I think it is now just a bad storm) I feel truly blessed to be a mum. For the first time my little one has taken a nap in his crib for over an hour. It has been strange that he will not nap well in his crib as at night he sleeps without an issue and is now lasting until 7am.

We have now a new addition to our weekly events and that is we are off to the rescue.... a horse rescue that is. I am finally beginning to get my horse fix in, which in many ways makes me feel a little more human. I have a friend that comes with me as currently I really can't do much with my boy strapped to my front. I have purchase a Ergo carrier which I love. Soon I will be able to strap him to my back and then there will be no stopping me. I truly hope that my boy will come to enjoy these trips as much as I, and who knows at some point in the future maybe there will be a little four legged friend that neighs for him to play with.