Saturday, September 20, 2008

Under the weather and beyond.........

Over the last week my little one has been feeling under the weather. We haven't run a temperature which was a blessing but we had a little upset tummy and also now a runny nose. That means that those blissful night of him sleeping through have vanished and some nights I even begin to question that I haven't just got another newborn as I am up every hour to two hours. Things are beginning to improve but he is still feeling a little down. But he is still managing to enjoy life and all its adventures. We are now often having those delightful fits of giggles and squeals. Soon he will be 6 months and we are now having moments of him sitting unsupported for a minute or to before starting to topple back to the floor. I am holding out for a longer sleep but trying to enjoy every moment that comes as I am beginning to realize how fast they grow up and I can never get it back again.

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