Friday, April 24, 2009

The tree is coming out of its pot.

For sometime now we have been looking to purchase a house. As we have been blessed that we are able to buy while the market has down. We have had so many up and downs in this process that at times I wondered whether we would buy and to be honest there are far too many houses to mention that we nearly got and didn't. However we have now found a house and we had the pleasure and the stress on signing this week so that it is now ours. In some ways it is bitter sweet for me. Why? I hear you cry! I guess I like to say it this way. For a long time I have been a tree in a pot. I pick myself up and put myself down in whatever place we were living but we never quite got settled, roots never went down into the area, and I guess somewhere I was always hoping that roots never would and I could just take that pot back to England. However we are now placing roots as we buy this house and my tree is coming out of its pot. Which is great because I now know that I will live here for a while and there is no more moving (me and my husband have been married for 7 and a half years and this will be our 7th move). But this move means we are staying, I know that we can still move anywhere including back to England but now it will be a lot harder to do as the roots of the tree grow deep into the land. SO although I love all the friends I have made living here, there is in some way is a final stance as we build our home in the US. I am however looking forward to painting my house and having my own home to do with as I please. To watch my little guy play in the yard and grow up here and enjoy the many friends that I have gained and are now helping to make this place home and create a family whilst I am so far away from here!.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gone Home!

As I reflect back on the last three weeks of having my family here and the fun that my little guy has had, it makes me realise again that the pain of emigrating is not that first good bye but the good bye's that come every year when the family visit comes to an end and the realisation that they are not just around the corner.

The last three weeks however have been amazing! My family brought over the grey drizzle like weather with them so that I didn't have to feel like I was missing out by not making it back to England for a while. My little guy had masses of attention lavished as well as a huge influx of toys due to a certain birthday. Many adventures have also played out as we travel out and about, ate in restaurants.

Now however it is time to get back to just the three of us, which I think make take some adjusting for my little boy. We do however have a new favourite pastime and that is running around the apartment whilst someone waits around the corner say "Where are you?" The squeals of joy will ring out. Feeding the ducks and swinging in the air will come again but not with Granddad and Grandma for a while. However now it the time to see if he will recognise anyone on the web cam.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tall, Skinny and a BIG Head!

The doctor has stated that I have a tall, skinny baby with a big head. I know where he gets the large head and that is from me, he gets the skinny from his dad. However the tall part I am not so sure as the last well know family trait in my family is tall people and the same for his dad too. Also the doctor commented on the fact that my little guy wouldn't or couldn't go from lying down to sitting up and maybe we should look into it. I said maybe it had something to do with his large head. However my little guy was listening and within a couple of days of the doctor warning us, he is now happily sitting up from lying down. It seems that my little one just likes freaking out my doctor and insists on doing everything on his own time.

Over the last week with family we have been having a great time. My little one is enjoying being the centre of everything good and winning over everyone with his cheeky smiles and oohhs and aahhs. We have been out and about looking at the sights of DC including going up and down in lifts (elevators for you americians) and looking at the cherry blossoms. We have also fed the ducks and been shopping. With so much to look at his head has been on a swivel. It is wonderful to watch as he discovers the world for the first time.