Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tall, Skinny and a BIG Head!

The doctor has stated that I have a tall, skinny baby with a big head. I know where he gets the large head and that is from me, he gets the skinny from his dad. However the tall part I am not so sure as the last well know family trait in my family is tall people and the same for his dad too. Also the doctor commented on the fact that my little guy wouldn't or couldn't go from lying down to sitting up and maybe we should look into it. I said maybe it had something to do with his large head. However my little guy was listening and within a couple of days of the doctor warning us, he is now happily sitting up from lying down. It seems that my little one just likes freaking out my doctor and insists on doing everything on his own time.

Over the last week with family we have been having a great time. My little one is enjoying being the centre of everything good and winning over everyone with his cheeky smiles and oohhs and aahhs. We have been out and about looking at the sights of DC including going up and down in lifts (elevators for you americians) and looking at the cherry blossoms. We have also fed the ducks and been shopping. With so much to look at his head has been on a swivel. It is wonderful to watch as he discovers the world for the first time.

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