Friday, January 29, 2010

US soil

We are now back on the US soil. It was an eventful journey back but not for the reasons I had thought. My little guy was a star on the plane however I was struck with a migraine for about the last 2 hours of the flight and to say that by the time we landed I was so ill I could not move. I was sick and just about managed to get off the plane and into a wheelchair. My poor husband was then left to managed all the coats and hand luggage by himself and then of course the luggage that we had checked in. The guy pushing me in the wheelchair I have to say was not the most helpful of fellows. I left the airport having given the most horrible immigration photo on the planet as just looking into the camera made my brain want to explode. I did however make it home with our friend driving us back which I was very grateful. Several pain killers later and a sleep I did feel as though I had rejoined the human race.

As I look back over the trip I am in many ways so glad that we did it as my little guy got to see my country, the home that I grew up in and family and friends that otherwise he would not have met. I loved how it felt to be home, to feel at home in a way I have not felt for the last five years living in the US. In many ways I am sad to have left it behind. To not have the countryside of England at my door or drive to an old estate and roam around the grounds. But I hope that it will not be as long as it has been before me and my little guy get to go back. I think I have at least left part of my heart back there as it will always be home to me. But the US has it joys and I am looking to them as I miss my family, friends and British humour and tv. I am trying now to be more organised so that I can spend more time with friends here but not at the lack of not doing other things. As I watch my little guy run around the house and play with his ball I realise that a part of my heart is here also, so I guess to the answer of if home is where the heart is where is home? It is both England and the US.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Last Few Days

The last week has flew by as we have dash here, there and every where. In many ways I have found myself feeling more at home here than I have in the 5 years in the US. Whether this is because it has been a time to catch up with friends and family or the fact I am in the house that I called home for almost my whole childhood I don't know. I have loved going away and popping back to see my mum and dad. I also love the houses that you get over here and the character, the old historic house that you can walk around the grounds of.

Last week we took my little guy off the the beach. It was like passing on a little piece of family as it was Formby beach that was the first beach I went on as a child and also my mum. S for it to be my little guy's as well just seemed right.

I have been enjoying munching on Cadbury chocolate that now ironically enough has been bought by a US company but hopefully nothing will change in the flavour. Maybe even the UK will become the US and then where will I call home?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Home is where the heart is.

I can't believe it has been over a week since our adventures. It all began with trying to fit enough clothes for three into suitcases to go to the airport. My little guy had no idea what was about to happen as we arrived and checked in bags. All I can say is when my little guy is not feeling comfortable in the airport when it came to removing shoes and coats. He threw himself on the floor and decided to then screamed. I have to say that people started to step away from the child and me and I believe started to pray 'Please don't let him be on my flight!' While waiting for the plane my little guy was running madly around and screaming at the top of his voice. I have to say that I began to question my sanity of having him on my lap for several hours but in answer to my prayers he was a star on the flight. Our second flight we were tired and so my little guy decided that getting out of his stroller was the worst idea on the planet and so not only threw himself on the floor but then rolled around as he screamed. However once on the flight he was again a star.

Upon arrival I found England to be covered in a blanket of snow. Even where I grew up had 5 inches which although to many sounds a little I think I can count on one hand how many times we have had over an inch or two on one hand. As I looked out over the snowy ground and the English countryside and winding roads came into view I confess I felt as though I was home. I was surprised of the amount of emotion I felt as I whispered to my little guy Welcome to my home!

Since landing on the ground I almost feel like my feet have not touched it. In the beginning everything was a little different but within a day I felt like everything was so right. My little guy has seen so many people. I would love to think that everyone was thrilled to see me but alas I think that my little guy has stolen the show and I am totally fine about that. He has taken everything in is stride winning everyone with his smiles and his giggles. We dashed over to Great gran to see all her friends, had photos. We then rented a car to dash down to London so see family and friends and yes it was very interesting driving on the other side. I was not quite sure whether it was the right side, wrong side or the left side. We had a blast meeting everyone and playing with toys catching up with friends and laughing until our sides hurt.

I am however left wondering if home is where the heart is where is my home?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Goals

I was reading The Happy Housewife and decided that I to would set some goals. The question that then followed was what are they going to be? I don't want to set a million and miss on to many but I also feel that only setting two really doesn't create a challenge so I will try to provide a few.

  • Increase the amount I spend reading the bible.
  • Be better at taking notes on a Sunday or any other church meeting
  • To help my little guy learn his words
  • Set a better budget and stick to it!
  • To set a cleaning routine and use it (instead of fly by the seat of my pants)
  • Go to the gym 2-3 times a week
  • Lose the baby weight that really should already be gone
  • Complete School work with plenty of time (instead of last minute)
I think that is quite enough. I hope that and I pray that I am able to achieve these goals.