Friday, January 29, 2010

US soil

We are now back on the US soil. It was an eventful journey back but not for the reasons I had thought. My little guy was a star on the plane however I was struck with a migraine for about the last 2 hours of the flight and to say that by the time we landed I was so ill I could not move. I was sick and just about managed to get off the plane and into a wheelchair. My poor husband was then left to managed all the coats and hand luggage by himself and then of course the luggage that we had checked in. The guy pushing me in the wheelchair I have to say was not the most helpful of fellows. I left the airport having given the most horrible immigration photo on the planet as just looking into the camera made my brain want to explode. I did however make it home with our friend driving us back which I was very grateful. Several pain killers later and a sleep I did feel as though I had rejoined the human race.

As I look back over the trip I am in many ways so glad that we did it as my little guy got to see my country, the home that I grew up in and family and friends that otherwise he would not have met. I loved how it felt to be home, to feel at home in a way I have not felt for the last five years living in the US. In many ways I am sad to have left it behind. To not have the countryside of England at my door or drive to an old estate and roam around the grounds. But I hope that it will not be as long as it has been before me and my little guy get to go back. I think I have at least left part of my heart back there as it will always be home to me. But the US has it joys and I am looking to them as I miss my family, friends and British humour and tv. I am trying now to be more organised so that I can spend more time with friends here but not at the lack of not doing other things. As I watch my little guy run around the house and play with his ball I realise that a part of my heart is here also, so I guess to the answer of if home is where the heart is where is home? It is both England and the US.

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