Monday, January 25, 2010

The Last Few Days

The last week has flew by as we have dash here, there and every where. In many ways I have found myself feeling more at home here than I have in the 5 years in the US. Whether this is because it has been a time to catch up with friends and family or the fact I am in the house that I called home for almost my whole childhood I don't know. I have loved going away and popping back to see my mum and dad. I also love the houses that you get over here and the character, the old historic house that you can walk around the grounds of.

Last week we took my little guy off the the beach. It was like passing on a little piece of family as it was Formby beach that was the first beach I went on as a child and also my mum. S for it to be my little guy's as well just seemed right.

I have been enjoying munching on Cadbury chocolate that now ironically enough has been bought by a US company but hopefully nothing will change in the flavour. Maybe even the UK will become the US and then where will I call home?

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