Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Memories

So often throughout the school year I would question the time I spend away from my children. As most mothers I struggled with the guilt of not being there when they went to school, not being able to volunteer at school events. Not being able to go places every weekend as things like laundry and house cleaning have to be done. But as I look back on this summer I know that it was worth it.

We have rolled down hills and admired the house of Lyme park. Watched the deer and played games on the great lawn. Feed the ducks and ate sandwiches in the sun.

My boy explore the house a Speke and me and my little girl played on the lawn. Traveling round the gardens and playing on the slides. Not to mention ice cream.

We have built dens with branches and climbed on trees. Squashed sand castles on the beach and played in the dirt at the Grandparents house. We have spent time with cousins and aunts, traveled Southport and rode the train. The kids have had adventures on their own with Grandma and Granddad while I went to London with a friend. The summer has been backed with memories from the great to the small.

I am sure that I will feel the same sadness as I leave my children to go to work but as I look back over the summer and know the adventures we have had I know that it was all worth it. For this way my children will be able to call England their home just as I do.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The little things

I was reminded tonight that it is the little things that mean the most. Tonight I was tired. I had been at school all day, then I had finally managed to get in a little horse riding. After feeding the kids and then walking into the living room to find it trashed I was done. I had nothing left. There were pillows, toys and food all over the floor. It had happen in about 30 minutes as hurricane two kids had occurred. So after some stern words about not wanting to live in a dump we started to clean up. The toys were picked pull, the pillows placed on the sofa. As I roll out the hoover I realized I had a choice. (I wish I always had this for thought) I could shout and yell to get it done or we could have some fun. So I chased my two kids round the living room screaming like the best of them. This then lead to another 45 minutes of tickle and chase and jump on mummy. So often I get lost in the everyday life. But when I think back to childhood it is the little moments of fun that happened that I remember most. I just pray that I can give that to my children so they can think back and remember the smiles, the laughter, the tickles and the love.