Thursday, March 31, 2011


On Monday my little boy turn THREE!! I can hardly believe it. Over the weekend we had a little party that was great fun for all. My little boy had his friends over or hot dog's and cake. I did make a blue train cake but I must confess it wasn't completely like Thomas. The afternoon was interesting as during nap time there was no sleeping. My little guy found a tub of diaper cream. About 35 minutes later a cry of Mummy dragged me upstairs. "I do mess" Diaper cream was over the shirt, hands and hair. As my little one led me into the room I found his diaper table painted with diaper cream. I look forward to the next year of development and fun as my little boy grows up.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nearly Three

This the month that my little guy turns 3. I can't really believe it. Over the last few months we have been to the Zoo and I think my little guy enjoyed running up and down the ramp in the bird house than anything else. Although we did see the panda and the elephant and the gorillas which where very good to. This weekend my little guy had a friend who also turned 3 and had his birthday at a fire station and so all of the kids got to sit in the fire truck. My little guy was in little boy heaven.