Saturday, June 28, 2008

Three Months Old!!

I can barely believe that my Little one is now three months old today. I remember in the beginning wondering what on earth I had got myself into and questioning my sanity through those sleepless nights and trials of those first few days. I remember thinking that this surviving was never going to end and I was in for the worst time of my life as I sat in pain and feeling so helpless.

But yet three months on, things are so much better and already the memories of those early days are not looking quite as horrid almost to the point where I think yes I can do this again. (Almost I said) I feel totally blessed by God that I have this amazing baby that sleeps most nights from 10-5 and is happy and healthy. We have achieved so much in these last few weeks from giggling and smiling to, lifting up our heads and gurgling conversations.

Part of me feels like he has been forever and life before him already feels like a distant memory but yet the other part of me thinks 3 months already where did that go. As we move forward I can't wait to see what happens and who he turns into. What will he like and dislike? What will his first word be? Will he continue to be as restless when awake once he is crawling as he is now?

For now we are going to just take one moment at a time and enjoy it while trying to get normal day to day things completed like washing, doctors appointments and also the things life throws at you when you least expect it like having your crib recalled due to safety issues.

Life was never boring and now I have a baby it just keeps throwing me more challenges every day.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family, Friends and Adventures.

Over the last couple of weeks my Little One has been fussed over, loved, kissed and cuddled. In return he has smiled, giggled and looked cute to all who looked his way. We have been out and about too the mall and the zoo. We have looked in the stores and gone out to eat. I have been blessed with a lovely baby who I can take out and about without too many issues. He loves staring at all that is to be seen, although sitting in his stroller is not his favorite activity. But if we wrap him up in his sling he is quite content to stay there for most of the time as long as movement is happening.

We have taken his first trip to the zoo and looked at the elephants, hippos and a panda too, although I think he found the people at the picnic area the most interesting above all else. I am sure by next year when he can stay awake things will be a lot different.

Also for most of the time my sweet little one has mastered the technique of sleeping from about 10.30 to 5.30 much to my joy and delight. Although we are fighting sleep a little more it is not for long.

Another thing has happened that was weird and that was that me and my husband ventured out for diner and a movie alone. It was strange to think that waiting at home was our son. However we all did well. I didn't worry too much and he was well behaved for our friends taking care of him.

But now our friends have left and it is back to just the three of us at home, the routine will soon be back. There is now only me to entertain his lordship but I am sure that he and I will cope.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Filled Adventures

The week is ending with baking hot weather and confining my little one to the indoors to avoid sunburn and heat stroke. With temperatures feeling like 105 F no one wants to go outside, but alas this means that he will not be meeting his first pony. That must wait for another day. But that does not mean that this week has been lacking in adventures. We went and hung out with friends on the Wednesday. Wide eyed and bushy tailed for him anyway. I am beginning to feel the several months of lack of sleep affecting me. The sleeping from 10-5 has only happened once since last weekend. But I am grateful for that.

We have also visited the Amish Market near by on Thursday. That was a first for both of us. Granted he slept some of the time and is not of an age where candies and cakes tempt him, for which I am grateful to not have to deal with the "Mummy please I want it". I however enjoyed the Patty Melt for lunch and the frozen yogurt desert very much. I found many things I would love to buy including a dining table but at the price it was listed I feel I shall be waiting a while. Then in the evening we went to Church Group. This kid did not sleep indeed I got a little worried that he would not sleep enough as the brief nap at the Amish Market was all he got. This boy just loves watching people and while he is awake it is a rare sight to see his legs and arms not move. I think once he learns to crawl there will be no stopping him.

Then on Friday before the sun got too hot we had a picnic with friends. We saw our first ducks and looked on at friends having fun before falling into a peaceful sleep in the car seat. I think my Little one longs to run and play already. Temperatures quickly climbed causing us to say good bye but not before the kids had played and our bellies were full.

Next week friends are arriving and I am sure my little one will be spoiled rotten but if you can't be spoiled by Aunties the world is wrong. I am sure he will entertain them well as his little talking nosies don't stop, along with those heart stopping grins that truly take my breath away. As I am still questioning is he mine really mine??

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm a big boy now!

OK he hasn't managed to potty train himself at 2 months. Oh how I wish he had after the explosion we had this morning, but I digress as that is a whole story all on its own that maybe should not be shared with all. Well he is a big boy because over the last few night my little one has slept in his own room. The first night I didn't sleep as I lay there wondering if I would really hear his cry on the monitor. Also I waited for the cry for the 1am feed and it never came so I lay there wide awake till about 5 in the morning trying to re sure myself he had not died in the night until I heard those first few cries on the monitor. The following night again he took his last feed at 9.30 but for some reason then became wide a wake for all to see. Everyone else says they can nurse their child to sleep not me. He is bolt wide awake after the evening feed. So although he went from 10pm to 5.30am without a feed he was wide awake and grinning until 12.30 am. But last night the magical event happened. My little one fell asleep after 30 minutes of coaching but no crying at 10pm and woke at 5.10am. I had over 5 hours of sleep everyone, I almost feel human again. Now I know this may not happen again tonight but I pray that it does and it gives me hope that it can and will happen again at some point in the future.