Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Filled Adventures

The week is ending with baking hot weather and confining my little one to the indoors to avoid sunburn and heat stroke. With temperatures feeling like 105 F no one wants to go outside, but alas this means that he will not be meeting his first pony. That must wait for another day. But that does not mean that this week has been lacking in adventures. We went and hung out with friends on the Wednesday. Wide eyed and bushy tailed for him anyway. I am beginning to feel the several months of lack of sleep affecting me. The sleeping from 10-5 has only happened once since last weekend. But I am grateful for that.

We have also visited the Amish Market near by on Thursday. That was a first for both of us. Granted he slept some of the time and is not of an age where candies and cakes tempt him, for which I am grateful to not have to deal with the "Mummy please I want it". I however enjoyed the Patty Melt for lunch and the frozen yogurt desert very much. I found many things I would love to buy including a dining table but at the price it was listed I feel I shall be waiting a while. Then in the evening we went to Church Group. This kid did not sleep indeed I got a little worried that he would not sleep enough as the brief nap at the Amish Market was all he got. This boy just loves watching people and while he is awake it is a rare sight to see his legs and arms not move. I think once he learns to crawl there will be no stopping him.

Then on Friday before the sun got too hot we had a picnic with friends. We saw our first ducks and looked on at friends having fun before falling into a peaceful sleep in the car seat. I think my Little one longs to run and play already. Temperatures quickly climbed causing us to say good bye but not before the kids had played and our bellies were full.

Next week friends are arriving and I am sure my little one will be spoiled rotten but if you can't be spoiled by Aunties the world is wrong. I am sure he will entertain them well as his little talking nosies don't stop, along with those heart stopping grins that truly take my breath away. As I am still questioning is he mine really mine??

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