Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family, Friends and Adventures.

Over the last couple of weeks my Little One has been fussed over, loved, kissed and cuddled. In return he has smiled, giggled and looked cute to all who looked his way. We have been out and about too the mall and the zoo. We have looked in the stores and gone out to eat. I have been blessed with a lovely baby who I can take out and about without too many issues. He loves staring at all that is to be seen, although sitting in his stroller is not his favorite activity. But if we wrap him up in his sling he is quite content to stay there for most of the time as long as movement is happening.

We have taken his first trip to the zoo and looked at the elephants, hippos and a panda too, although I think he found the people at the picnic area the most interesting above all else. I am sure by next year when he can stay awake things will be a lot different.

Also for most of the time my sweet little one has mastered the technique of sleeping from about 10.30 to 5.30 much to my joy and delight. Although we are fighting sleep a little more it is not for long.

Another thing has happened that was weird and that was that me and my husband ventured out for diner and a movie alone. It was strange to think that waiting at home was our son. However we all did well. I didn't worry too much and he was well behaved for our friends taking care of him.

But now our friends have left and it is back to just the three of us at home, the routine will soon be back. There is now only me to entertain his lordship but I am sure that he and I will cope.

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