Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Moment for the Simple Life.

So many days I find myself with a list of things to do and places to go. Grocery shopping time, laundry time followed by lunch time, nap time and then playtime. Then it is tea time and bed time. There is a time for everything but moments. So often I find myself running around, and I forget that there is a moment to enjoy. I forget that really this is my little boys first Autumn, as lets face it last year he wasn't moving. This is his first year to run through the fallen leaves and laugh as I kick the leaves flying into the air. If I keep on with my list of things to do I may miss these moments of fun and memories for me to cherish. As I am quite sure that in not too much time, running through the leaves and kicking them into the air with mummy with be everything but fun and even embarrassing. So in my list of things to do I must always remember to add time for moments.

Todays moment was when we got out of the car my little boy starting stamping in the leaves. The next 10 minutes was spent with much squeals of laughter as leaves flew into the fair in all directions. I feel we need to go to the park soon and kick as many leaves as we can.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BBQ's and helping out!

Yesterday we had a group of people over for a BBQ. It was funny because in many ways we had a completely British BBQ and that was it rained and it poured. My poor husband was stood outside under an umbrella trying to flip burgers and turn sausages. My little guy spent all evening running round and entertaining our guests. Smilling and dashing away, even at times he was out stealing peoples food.

Today however my little champ decided that he was going to help me unload a dishwasher. Each dish was picked out and handed to me for me to put away. It went very well until we reached the top of the dishwasher because then he was on his tip toes trying to pick out glasses. So I helped out with the breakables and left him to fish out the plastic. All in all it went very well and I feel that I am doing well having my little guy at 19 months help with chores.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it Superman?..... No it is a PLANE!!

Plane are the new thing of the month, week or day not to sure which but my little guy can spot a dot in the sky and know that it is a plane and not a bird or Superman. Shouts of Dar can be heard from the back as I try to scan the horizon to fine what it is and it is a plane. I have to say that at times I struggle to find this dot, but my boy has it down. Dar currently is the word for any kind of moving vehicle be it a bus, lorry (truck for all you americans) car or plane. Which means I always have to make sure I know what he is pointing at before I go "Yes it is a plane!"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York!

As a family this weekend we dash off to the BIG APPLE for a family wedding. I have to say that my little guy was a star. I was three days of no routine, late nights and napping on the go but he took it all in his stride. We spent the first day at the wedding and the reception and it was only later on in the evening that he really started to meltdown. During the wedding we managed to get at the back of the church and so he was able to run around and also make friends with some other little boys. The reception was time for him to fill his tummy with everything he could although we had a strong preference for the rice and beans. That night however was not pleasant for any of us. My little guy decided he did not want to sleep on his own and so I ended up sleeping on the floor with him as he moves to much in his sleep and was in danger of head diving off the bed.

The following day we made it into the big city itself. My guy was strapped to my back so that I knew where he was at all times. We had a small accident that meant we then had to run around trying to find a store that was not designer to get him some clean and therefore new trousers. After the made dash we made it to the church and met up with family. Then the evening was another late one where we had fun chatting with family. The following day was time to go home and collapse. I have to say that my little guy had a great time and not as many meltdowns as I thought he was going to have. But it does now mean that nap time and bed time are a fight until we get back into sleeping at normal times.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It was a moment or two!

The last week has been fun filled but also a little on the tiring side also, but I think that this is most likely how this month is going to go. Anyway today TWO things have happened which I feel should be duly noted and also applauded. First when I went to the gym today my little man walked straight round to the door and then ran in. I smiled as he then ran up to the little girl and stood next to her. It seems that little girls have become his new best friend even if he doesn't really say anything to them just yet, but he does get a lot braver when they are about. He stayed in there for my work out and was ready to some home when I came to pick him up which helped me not feel too replaced.

The next big thing was that he managed to stroke Amelia the cat. For several months since he became mobile they have been playing a merry dance around the house. My little guy sees that cat and for about 4 months has longed to touch the cat. However Amelia who is not the friendliest cat in the book would walk just about 2 feet in front of him before escaping up behind the stair gate and looking back with a look that I am not sure was of pure disdain or simply so there! However Amelia was a little on the hungry side and as she sat to eat my little boy came and sat down next to her, since she did not walk off at first he was at a lost of what to do but then slowly a little hand reached out and touched her back. After a couple of pats Amelia decided that enough was truly enough and left. My little chap could not have been happier.

Today we also went off to visit the local park. We fed the lonely goose and walked around before coming back. It was nice to lie in the sun and stretch our legs I am really enjoying the weather as I find it is not too hot and just right for playing outside. I am loving the back garden of our house and so is my little guy!