Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York!

As a family this weekend we dash off to the BIG APPLE for a family wedding. I have to say that my little guy was a star. I was three days of no routine, late nights and napping on the go but he took it all in his stride. We spent the first day at the wedding and the reception and it was only later on in the evening that he really started to meltdown. During the wedding we managed to get at the back of the church and so he was able to run around and also make friends with some other little boys. The reception was time for him to fill his tummy with everything he could although we had a strong preference for the rice and beans. That night however was not pleasant for any of us. My little guy decided he did not want to sleep on his own and so I ended up sleeping on the floor with him as he moves to much in his sleep and was in danger of head diving off the bed.

The following day we made it into the big city itself. My guy was strapped to my back so that I knew where he was at all times. We had a small accident that meant we then had to run around trying to find a store that was not designer to get him some clean and therefore new trousers. After the made dash we made it to the church and met up with family. Then the evening was another late one where we had fun chatting with family. The following day was time to go home and collapse. I have to say that my little guy had a great time and not as many meltdowns as I thought he was going to have. But it does now mean that nap time and bed time are a fight until we get back into sleeping at normal times.

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Ana said...

Great to hear you had a great time. Your little one is a trooper! So did you like NY?