Monday, October 5, 2009

It was a moment or two!

The last week has been fun filled but also a little on the tiring side also, but I think that this is most likely how this month is going to go. Anyway today TWO things have happened which I feel should be duly noted and also applauded. First when I went to the gym today my little man walked straight round to the door and then ran in. I smiled as he then ran up to the little girl and stood next to her. It seems that little girls have become his new best friend even if he doesn't really say anything to them just yet, but he does get a lot braver when they are about. He stayed in there for my work out and was ready to some home when I came to pick him up which helped me not feel too replaced.

The next big thing was that he managed to stroke Amelia the cat. For several months since he became mobile they have been playing a merry dance around the house. My little guy sees that cat and for about 4 months has longed to touch the cat. However Amelia who is not the friendliest cat in the book would walk just about 2 feet in front of him before escaping up behind the stair gate and looking back with a look that I am not sure was of pure disdain or simply so there! However Amelia was a little on the hungry side and as she sat to eat my little boy came and sat down next to her, since she did not walk off at first he was at a lost of what to do but then slowly a little hand reached out and touched her back. After a couple of pats Amelia decided that enough was truly enough and left. My little chap could not have been happier.

Today we also went off to visit the local park. We fed the lonely goose and walked around before coming back. It was nice to lie in the sun and stretch our legs I am really enjoying the weather as I find it is not too hot and just right for playing outside. I am loving the back garden of our house and so is my little guy!

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