Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Bonds

It is safe to say that most small children run screaming from my dad. Certainly children of around the age of one have been known to burst into tears just from a look. The tickles and funny noises have turn the most bravest of babies into a blubbering mess. However my little guy has no issues what so ever with his Granddad. He have taken everything in its stride and have enjoyed all the tickles and giggles and everything else. The only thing we can think of as peek a boo ensues is that blood truly is thicker than water. My little guy is loving all the attention from Grandma, Granddad and Great Gram. I am not sure how I am going to cope once they leave as he is the rightful centre of attention and he will come crashing down from attention withdrawal once they leave. But for now we shall just enjoy every joyful moment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Today!

A whole year has passed and my family has arrived from England to celebrate. I find my self looking back and wondering where did it all go. Could have been more prepared? I think that I could have in maybe more of the practical but I feel I could have never been prepared for the overwhelming feeling of responsibility or the worry of am I doing OK Is he doing OK and so it goes on....... But have survived a year and I am looking forward to the next. I have a little guy who refuses to crawl and does a strange bum shuffle. He can now take about 8 steps before falling. I wonder where I will be next year but I am sure it is going to be great fun and I can't wait to enjoyed every amazing moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Real Life ER Drama

Sunday night is a night that I have a feeling I will remember for some time. My little guy having gone to bed as normal woke as normal at 12.30 however he appeared to be gasping for breath. He started to cry and cough with this real seal like cough. His chest was heaving in and out as if he couldn't catch a breath. My heart jumped into my mouth as I had no idea what was happening. My husband who had been in India was thankfully back and I was very grateful as I would not want to have done this on my own. Off we ran to the ER. By the time we had signed in and sat in the waiting room my little guy was happily sitting on my lap as if he was the healthiest guy on the planet. We saw the doctor who said that since he was now fine he saw no point in doing anything and it could just be a one time thing. However if it happened again we should come back or follow up with our pediatrician. So a few hours later from leaving we climbed our stairs to our apartment. Around 3 am we climbed back into bed. At 6 in the morning I was awoken by the same desperate attempts to breath from my son. I held my exhausted boy in my arms as he tried to breath and finally it calmed down and he slept whilst I held him up right in my arms. Of to the pediatrician we went in the afternoon and Croup was diagnosed. Thankfully he has a very mild case of it because he is running no fever and the cough subsides during the day. Already he is better and although the nights are long and tiring for me as I nurse him through the attacks he is improving already, of which I am very thankful. It is at times like these I realise how much this little guy in a year has crept into our lifes and how much my love has grown in volumes to levels I never knew before were possible.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little guy this morning woke up with all smiles and giggles. As we cuddled next to each other in bed he started clapping. Normally he just waved his hands about with glee but this morning they collided together. Together we clapped and cheered. His joy was truly amazing.

This evening after bath time we stood in front of the mirror as he chatted away to his hearts content. We then both waved at the mirror. He turned and looked at me waving next to him and then looked back at the mirror where I was still waving. The concentration was truly amazing. It was like he almost got it, but yet missed the idea it was him by a whisker. I am sure before long he will finally understand why in front of this strange thing he suddenly has two mums.

We have also started a new thing and that is brushing our four little teeth. My little guy seems to prefere chewing on the tooth brush but it gets done and no screams. I look at him and think WOW! My baby is becoming a toddler!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Step forward!

Today my little guy managed to take his first wobbly step on his own. I am not completely sure he knew what he had done as I picked him up and cheered. But it means that my little baby is soon to be a toddler. I truly find it amazing that although he has never bothered to crawl we are on the verge of walking. We have now developed a bum shuffle to get from floor to near chair so that we can walk around. He amazes me, who knows what he will be doing next week.