Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little guy this morning woke up with all smiles and giggles. As we cuddled next to each other in bed he started clapping. Normally he just waved his hands about with glee but this morning they collided together. Together we clapped and cheered. His joy was truly amazing.

This evening after bath time we stood in front of the mirror as he chatted away to his hearts content. We then both waved at the mirror. He turned and looked at me waving next to him and then looked back at the mirror where I was still waving. The concentration was truly amazing. It was like he almost got it, but yet missed the idea it was him by a whisker. I am sure before long he will finally understand why in front of this strange thing he suddenly has two mums.

We have also started a new thing and that is brushing our four little teeth. My little guy seems to prefere chewing on the tooth brush but it gets done and no screams. I look at him and think WOW! My baby is becoming a toddler!

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