Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moments of Life

After several more inches have fallen in snow we have managed to dig our way out to freedom. Me and my little guy did lots of thing that we have not really done before. We have a new game which is Ready, Set, Go at which point my little guy then runs and throws himself onto the sofa or the cover or even daddy and shrieks with delight. We also manage to build a kind of fort with a sheet and also some chairs which amused my little guy for quite a while. But all were glad when we venutred out to build a snow man meet up with friends and feel as though we were living again.

This morning I had a moment it was one of those which was small but I wish I could just package it up with a bow and store it forever. We had just finished getting dressed for the day and I lay on the floor and so my little guy came and lay next to me. I then propped up myself on my elbow and he tried to copy. As I lay my head back on the floor and he did the same we just stared at each other. I said "Are you handsome?" He nodded I said "I love you" and he nodded again. For a little guy who normally shakes his head no I was happy to get a yes. As we just enjoyed hanging out together in his room it was a precious moment to me that I know I will treasure.

My little guy still has his talk button press onto on and is learning a lot more words. We have traveled from dar to car, truck and bus. For a while we got It's a bus as he thought that was what you said for a bus. We have also got cat, dog and bunny. Lots more tumble out through the day although I seem to be being called daddy again.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The silence of snow.

We have just had the blizzards of 2010 this weekend with about 2 foot of snow. It has meant that we have spent a lot of time indoors and close together which considering I was feeling sick didn't make for the happiest of memories at times. However me and my little guy did manage to have some fun in the snow and once I had dug out the path he could come out with me without getting eaten by the snow monster. We have manaeged a short walk around the neighbourhood where we got to see a lot of people coming out and looking at all the snow and wondering two things...... Which lump of snow is the car? and Where oh where do I begin to dig?

My little guy has been really good over the weekend we have coloured, read, played trains, ran around and watched probably a little too much TV. At times I have had a headache but things have not been too bad to which I am thankful. I am hoping today that we are able to venture out a little way otherwise I think I will go mad with cabin fever even if my little guy does not.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All in the timing

The other day I was reading Exodus 2. It is a chapter that I have read many times before. I have even completed studies on it. This time as I read it again I was hit by the fact that God is in control of timing. I know this but it really hit me again. God has a plan, he saved Moses. However Moses wanted to do things by himself which in turn lead to someone dying. Many people I know have ssaid how they wish they where like the men and women of the old testamanet but I feel we need to look at who they truly were. Sure God used them and did amazing things through them but at the end of they day they were flawed humans. Moses was murderer. I do not want to be one of those. Moses had all the right intentions but he needed to wait for God. God has a plan. Everything will turn out right in his timing and not ours. It will also be through his glory rather than any other beings. As God challenges me on my use of time and doing things when I should not, worrying about things when I have no control and doing nothing when I am doing something I need to remember that God has the timing of my life down. As long as I listen to him everything will go according to plan.