Monday, February 8, 2010

The silence of snow.

We have just had the blizzards of 2010 this weekend with about 2 foot of snow. It has meant that we have spent a lot of time indoors and close together which considering I was feeling sick didn't make for the happiest of memories at times. However me and my little guy did manage to have some fun in the snow and once I had dug out the path he could come out with me without getting eaten by the snow monster. We have manaeged a short walk around the neighbourhood where we got to see a lot of people coming out and looking at all the snow and wondering two things...... Which lump of snow is the car? and Where oh where do I begin to dig?

My little guy has been really good over the weekend we have coloured, read, played trains, ran around and watched probably a little too much TV. At times I have had a headache but things have not been too bad to which I am thankful. I am hoping today that we are able to venture out a little way otherwise I think I will go mad with cabin fever even if my little guy does not.

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