Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moments of Life

After several more inches have fallen in snow we have managed to dig our way out to freedom. Me and my little guy did lots of thing that we have not really done before. We have a new game which is Ready, Set, Go at which point my little guy then runs and throws himself onto the sofa or the cover or even daddy and shrieks with delight. We also manage to build a kind of fort with a sheet and also some chairs which amused my little guy for quite a while. But all were glad when we venutred out to build a snow man meet up with friends and feel as though we were living again.

This morning I had a moment it was one of those which was small but I wish I could just package it up with a bow and store it forever. We had just finished getting dressed for the day and I lay on the floor and so my little guy came and lay next to me. I then propped up myself on my elbow and he tried to copy. As I lay my head back on the floor and he did the same we just stared at each other. I said "Are you handsome?" He nodded I said "I love you" and he nodded again. For a little guy who normally shakes his head no I was happy to get a yes. As we just enjoyed hanging out together in his room it was a precious moment to me that I know I will treasure.

My little guy still has his talk button press onto on and is learning a lot more words. We have traveled from dar to car, truck and bus. For a while we got It's a bus as he thought that was what you said for a bus. We have also got cat, dog and bunny. Lots more tumble out through the day although I seem to be being called daddy again.

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