Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Packed Month

Time really seems to be flying this year. I can't quite believe that it is march already or that my little guy is going to be TWO in a matter of a couple of weeks. This month is going to be packed full of stuff and already has. We had a fun morning of friends over for pancakes. I think including kids it was about 20 people. My little guy got to run around with friends while the rest of us got to have some great conversation. I have decided to make my little guys birthday cake this year and so I did a practice run. The shape is that of a train which is provided by a shaped cake pan but I had to practice my icing which I can honestly say I did years ago and nothing since. I was impressed it did look like a train so I am now ready to tackle the real thing at the end of the month.

At the weekend my little guy got to go to a party where he was able to spend I happy 45 mintues climbing over bridges, slide down slides, crawl through tunnels, catch bubbles and run under parachutes. It was great to watch him get a real thrill out of everything. He came home that night and collapsed into bed without a word. I can really see my boy grow in independence as he will happily run off and play around other kids. Even at church yesterday when we arrived he knew right where he was going and ran there leaving me behind. He didn't even turn to wave good-bye. Part of me was a little said about that but at least when I went to pick him up he was very happy to see me.

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