Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frugal Makeovers!

It seems that nowadays it is the new thing to save money and find new ways to make those pennies go a little further than before. I have looked into a lot of what has been said. Especially as my little guy goes through clothes a lot and shoes. Those growth spurts can be a lot. Also with toys going in and out of favour I am always on the look out for something good but not too expensive so that if it gets lost I am not too upset. I have to say though that a lot of things people suggest I already do. We have the energy saving appliances, we program our heating to come on or off. But what I am trying to do now is do better with buying food better. Aldi is now my regular place apart from the fact it feels like being back home as I add my quarter to get my cart. It also has great fun for my little guy as they are doing lots of work with diggers and other things. I am trying to get the better deals it has become a game. my little guy normally loves going around the stores seeing new people and things like that although today at our trip to BJ's there was nothing like fun as with our teeth trying to arrive my little guy just wanted to be held all the way round which really doesn't help when trying to buy stuff, I did inform him that it was all for him as it is for his birthday on Sunday but he was still not convinced about it.

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