Saturday, June 28, 2008

Three Months Old!!

I can barely believe that my Little one is now three months old today. I remember in the beginning wondering what on earth I had got myself into and questioning my sanity through those sleepless nights and trials of those first few days. I remember thinking that this surviving was never going to end and I was in for the worst time of my life as I sat in pain and feeling so helpless.

But yet three months on, things are so much better and already the memories of those early days are not looking quite as horrid almost to the point where I think yes I can do this again. (Almost I said) I feel totally blessed by God that I have this amazing baby that sleeps most nights from 10-5 and is happy and healthy. We have achieved so much in these last few weeks from giggling and smiling to, lifting up our heads and gurgling conversations.

Part of me feels like he has been forever and life before him already feels like a distant memory but yet the other part of me thinks 3 months already where did that go. As we move forward I can't wait to see what happens and who he turns into. What will he like and dislike? What will his first word be? Will he continue to be as restless when awake once he is crawling as he is now?

For now we are going to just take one moment at a time and enjoy it while trying to get normal day to day things completed like washing, doctors appointments and also the things life throws at you when you least expect it like having your crib recalled due to safety issues.

Life was never boring and now I have a baby it just keeps throwing me more challenges every day.

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Laura said...

I was just thinking about you all! Happy 3 month birthday to your boy!