Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gone Home!

As I reflect back on the last three weeks of having my family here and the fun that my little guy has had, it makes me realise again that the pain of emigrating is not that first good bye but the good bye's that come every year when the family visit comes to an end and the realisation that they are not just around the corner.

The last three weeks however have been amazing! My family brought over the grey drizzle like weather with them so that I didn't have to feel like I was missing out by not making it back to England for a while. My little guy had masses of attention lavished as well as a huge influx of toys due to a certain birthday. Many adventures have also played out as we travel out and about, ate in restaurants.

Now however it is time to get back to just the three of us, which I think make take some adjusting for my little boy. We do however have a new favourite pastime and that is running around the apartment whilst someone waits around the corner say "Where are you?" The squeals of joy will ring out. Feeding the ducks and swinging in the air will come again but not with Granddad and Grandma for a while. However now it the time to see if he will recognise anyone on the web cam.

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