Monday, July 6, 2009

Playroom,, fireworks and a night out!

Over the weekend we had a mass sorting out. My husband spent the afternoon removing what looks to be about 20 years of junk from the shed that was left by the previous owner and the one before that we believe. Everything was found from old car seats, rusty old children's bikes and even a little kids car that once cleaned will be great. I on the other hand spent the afternoon cleaning and organising my little guy's playroom complete with ball pit for the moment. Great fun was had in that as we threw balls all over the place and could create as much mess as we want. It also now means that my lounge is back to being a lounge rather than a toy dump!

We all went out together to see the local fireworks. My little man loved them in the beginning and by the end was trying very hard to fall asleep. Also on Sunday we went out with our little guy he got to stay at home with some friends that came to babysit. He had a ball as they played with him and entertained him while me and my husband managed some adult conversation. Fun was had by all!

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