Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Bash

The weekend held in store lots of fun for us. We or rather I should say I decided that since my little guy never managed to get a birthday party due to us living in the apartment and also us half being packed etc I decided that we should have a Summer Bash this month so that at least my little guy had had some type of party. So the evites were sent out and when the day arrived we had quite a few friends that said they would come. I began to panic that we would have rain but no we had the most amazing weather for the middle of July. There was almost no humidity at all which was a blessing. We have purchased a small pool for my little boy but instead of filling it with water we added balls instead. We also had a small paddling pool for a little water, also we had so truks and cars that could be sat on or in and set off on an adventure. Great fun was had by all that came I believe as the kids ran around exploring the fun of things and throwing balls everywhere. The water was splashed and the food devoured. By the end of the day my little boy had had a wonderful time but also was tired. I wish I could say that he slept for ever that night but no 5.40 the cries arrived, alas no lie in. But still I loved it and so did everyone else I hope!

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