Friday, July 3, 2009

Toothbrush and Toilets.

My little guy has discovered that posting things is great fun. We have left cars in the fridge and blocks down the side of the sofa. We have also left the toothbrush in the toilet. I have to say that was something that we didn't not retrieve to be used again.

We also have been to the doctors to have our 15 month check up. All went well, we discovered that he has about 8 teeth coming through including all four molars which explains the general unhappiness at times. We also had to have a couple of shots and he surprised me by not crying. He just glared at the nurse as if to say 'How dare you!' He even watched the needle go into his arm. I am quite sure if he could have thrown daggers out of his eyes at her he would have. However today we where supper clingy throughout the day, after being around a lot of people we did however begin to come unstuck which was a huge relief.

The new rabbits are still causing great giggles and smiles. I think because unlike the cat they can't run away although I am quite sure they are wishing they could!

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