Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A new adventure has taken hold in our house and that is that we are going to be fostering rabbits. We have taken in two little babies that my little guy thinks are great. I hope that his excitement will carry on as we look after this babies. We are however going to be stopping the horses as my little guy is loving running around too much as I feel it will cause issues to have loose horses and a child that wishes to run.

My little guy is trying to run around a lot more and climb stairs and pursue adventures that only he knows what they are. He will sit there and giggle about a thought he has or shake his head in great excitement. He managed to stay at the gym daycare today although the result was a very clingy baby. It is at those times I am reminded that he is still so little. Although as he runs around and waves at people I begin to think he has grown so big. I feel torn between thinking I have a big boy and a little baby.

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