Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To sleep or not to sleep..........

To sleep or not to sleep.......... is the question on my little guys mind at the moment and he would much prefere the answer to be NOT. We have succumbed to a cold this week and therefore we have also decided that napping is something we are going to fight with to the very end. I tired mummy tried everything for him to fall to sleep and in many ways knows that she will live to regret this move as once we are better we will refuse to sleep without being held. But my little guy needs his sleep and I cannot anymore listen to his screams for ever. We have tried sitting in the room leaving him to cry but all that happens is that I go into a very wet mess and a disrort little boy who is even more awake. We are now napping however and I am glad to say that we have gone over an hour. So hopefully I will have a happier baby when he wakes.

Today we went off to Toys R Us. I have to say even as I walk through the doors now as an adult I still feel that same thrill as when I was younger and going in after Christmas with all my money to pick out something great. I cannot wait till my little guy is able to feel that same thrill. Anyway we went in to buy some balls as I am having a ball pit for him this summer. I also have a small paddling pool and also my get a sandbox. Have to see how that pans out as I need to be organised for that but anyway we walked around and my little guy decided that it would start talking to the shop assitant which he found very funny, espeically when we did our silly scrunch up our face smile.

I am now beginning to really look forward to the summer and hope to have lots of summer fun with some great memories. As we all know that before you know it they are off out the door to college. Enough of that though as I am going to enjoy water splashing and ball throwing fun!

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