Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mac and cheese!

I truly have an American for a child has he is in love with mac and cheese. He can take or leave most other things but when that mac and cheese arrives in front of him he will munch away for ages. Then proceeds to drip cheese sauce all over the room. Including my legs which I didn't really notice until I was outside. Fortunately I was only at the horse rescue and my four legged friends could not care less whether I had it on my face as long as food arrived in their bucket.

My little guy has been loving the horses or rather the dirt that he gets to play in while we feed. He will pile it all up and then destroy his heap just to make it again. Running round collecting pebbles and flowers is always good too. Our new trick of the week is trying to stand on our head and look at the world upside down. Apparently it looks a lot better that way. We have also decided taht running laps around the house hold an object preferably a pillow is great fun. If you have the pillow you can always stop and lie down on it when you get tired, which he does regularly about every 5 strides. My little guy never seems to stop moving always on the look out for new and interesting things to destroy and eat. Nap time I have to say is a welcome break at times!

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