Monday, June 15, 2009

Gyms, Melt Downs and Grass Cutting

This evening I had an appointment at a gym for my first free personal training session. I am on a mission to lose all that baby weight and to stop the sagging. I know that as I get older things aren't as toned as they once were but I feel I want to at least be where a person can be before 30. So I have a couple of years to reach my goal.

Anyway I was already ready to burn some calories and work up a sweat. So I start filling out paperwork, those horrible questions regarding what you eat and how much exercise that you do and other such things. Anyway the lady from child care approached me saying the my darling little boy would not stop screaming. Alas no workout could happen, as my child decided that he needed to be attached to my hip. So we did the basics the very basics which concluded that I was fat. I felt like telling him that I could have already have pointed that out but anyway...... my little guy clung to me like his life depended on it. I don't know whether he is being like this because daddy is away or what. So no workout later I stepped outside. I was hoping to be dripping with sweat but instead I quickly became dripping wet with rain. Tomorrow hopefully we will have a better day. I am glad this morning however that I worked up a sweat cutting the front grass with my little guy strapped to my back. Maybe I could ask if I can do a work out with him strapped to my back at the gym.

But this evening as we lay on the floor staring at each other a pulling funny faces, giggling and smiling I felt truly blessed by my little guy. I truly cannot imagine life without him. I am amazed daily by the love that grows for him. This is truly the best gift I have ever been given.

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