Monday, August 24, 2009


Throughout this week my husband has been away and so it was just me and my little guy verses the world. We have run around and also had many melt downs to say the least but I feel that we have also had our moments. After a nap me and my little guy hung out on my bed. I was finishing a book that I was reading and I had some crisps (chips to you Americans). My boy was sat on my knee facing me and decided to feed me crisps. One for me and two for him. He was so happy to be doing it and very proud. To me that was what made the whole week all worth while.

We have also expanded our family this week with Sable, Lucy and Albert Einstein (don't ask about the names) but you can ask about the species, they are fish. My little guys loves them as they move and well that's it really. I am hoping that they last a while as I never really had a great way with fish. But my little guy has his first pets. I will make him love animals, I will. Daddy comes home tomorrow and I can't wait.

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Ana said...

Well done for making it through the long week and recording some special moments you had with Lucas! How cute to think of you both snuggled up in bed eating crips! But I'm also happy for you that it's Monday and that Herman is coming back!