Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 years!

Ok people don't panic my little lad has not just leap to the grand old age of eight. There has been no time warp, but what has happened is that me and my hubby have been married 8 years today. So to acknowledge this event we went out on our OWN. I know the hock the horror but it was great. Conversation without screaming or chatter or the clatter of cups and toys being thrown. We also went for a walk around the town centre and it was then that I realised I have truly passed into a new stage of life. Shops that I once viewed as grown up and hip have passed into being too young but kids clothing store now look like fair game. When I think about it I have passed through young and carefree a while ago not that I am in anyway sorry it has gone. But I am married, I have a kid and I own a house! Oh no I am sensible!!! and grown up!!!!!! Quick run for the hills!!!!!!!

On a sad note Sable the fish passed onto fishy heaven, the other two are still going sstrong so now they have passed the first week I feel I might have them for a few months

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