Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The other day we were talking about memories and how we can encourage our own children to have them. I wonder if my little guy could talk what he remembers so far of his life. It also got me htinking about what I remember from my childhood. I do remember some of the big holidays and such but things that I remember the most are the smaller things or Saturday mornings sitting in bed together as a family drinking tea. Birthday parties that were full of games and ended in a good bit of rough and tumble with my dad. I also remember one year having an elephant shaped birthday cake that my mum made for me. Some holiday moments that really sick in my mind are camping and the things we did together as a fmaily, like the plastic duck race in a river I believe was in Norfolk, camping in Scotland and having a cold spell which meant we put on extra clothes just to go to bed as it was ground frost at night. I also remember getting given a freshly laid egg in a country pub in night and the following day my dad cooking it to perfection. So many more memories and it makes me wonder what memories will I have as my little boy becomes a big boy and I am sure that they will be very different from the ones that he will have. I am sure that in 20 years time it will be fun to talk about these things and see whether we remember the times the same way or if w2e wonder were ever really spent any time together.

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