Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

The first snow of Christmas is falling outside of my window as I write this. Growing up where I did in England the snow was rare and hard to find so I really do enjoy snow around Christmas even if it is wet due to the little rain that came first. My little guy wasn't really to sure what to make of it as we walked out of the gym this morning. Yes that is right people we went to the gym in the snow. Wow I feel dedicated. My little guy hit the snow as he does bubbles in the bath and I think was a little shocked in the beginning about the coldness. However after a quick ride in the car back to the house once getting out again we have a little fun as we through snow flakes at the ground. I am hoping that we can move on to snowballs in the near future. On another note of fun we will be off to see my family soon so although the flight itself scares me I am quite sure that the trip itself will be great. I just need to start praying now!

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