Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trains, planes and WOW!

Trains and planes cause my little guy to shout WOW at the top of his voice. My little guy was throwing a huge fit the other day as I had to change his diaper in the car which as far as he is concerned is a punishment worse than death however as his head popped out from the car he yelled WOW and a load of other words that I have yet to know what they mean. With finger pointing upwards I see what the thing is that is causing all the joy and that is a plane.

Today we were watching on TV a movie and in it there was a boy who got an electric train. My little guy ran to the TV with huge WOW and other words with pointing at the train we then tried to look down the screen as the train went off camera he was quite upset that he could not see if off screen even when he looked down at it.

I have to say that having got my little guy a train set for Christmas I cannot wait for Christmas morning and getting those WOW's a hope as James the Train (the red one from Thomas the Tank) runs around those rails.

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